7 Common Mistakes in Esports Betting -

7 Common Mistakes in Esports Betting

One of the common reasons why punters engage in esports betting is money. Like traditional sports betting, esports offers vast opportunities to generate income and socialise with other seasonal gamblers. The experience of winning significant prizes while watching the season’s favourite teams can be a rewarding momentum for punters.

As a gambler, betting on esports can provide you with a new avenue of betting markets. But, it also opens doors for making mistakes in esports betting. These errors might result in significant money loss and bad betting experiences.

If you want to become a successful esports bettor, especially in the long run, you need to optimise your betting strategies by eliminating these costly mistakes:


Choosing the Wrong Esports Bookies

Choosing the wrong sportsbooks is usually the first mistake beginners make. But, with the abundance of betting platforms on the internet, selecting a trusted and reliable one can be overwhelming. The esports industry is highly competitive, and these betting sites are fighting for their market share.

It is best to opt for regulated online sportsbooks offering odds that match Singapore Pools odd. You must do your due diligence to ensure you register on a reputable betting site and prevent getting scammed.


Not Understanding the Basics of Esports Betting

Learning esports starts with understanding the basics. This is one of the common pitfalls rookies make—they usually dive into games they lack knowledge about, resulting in several losses, frustration, and disappointment. Because they didn’t know the basics, they had difficulty creating informed decisions and implementing the right strategies to increase their winnings.

If you are new to esports betting, grasping everything about the esports industry can be challenging. While having the knowledge can be your advantage, it is unnecessary to learn them all instantly. It takes time to fully understand how esports betting works and become one of the most skilled punters in the industry.

Additionally, you should always start with games and teams you know. Doing so can provide you with certainty and confidence when making wagers. Otherwise, investing time and effort in researching odds, strategies, and the best betting markets is advisable.


Constantly Chasing Trends

Esports is known for its rapidly changing meta, team favourites, and strategies. What may be a winning trend today could become obsolete tomorrow. Thus, when engaging in esports betting, constantly chasing trends is not advisable.

Following trends without a solid understanding can lead to emotional and impulsive betting. You might place your bets without clear judgment, making it risky for your bankroll. Trends can be volatile; thus, educating yourself, exploring different betting markets, and ensuring you’re not getting swayed easily by new trends is essential.


Not Knowing When to Stop

Esports betting can become an addictive hobby, especially if you continuously win. Some punters believe winning momentum should be sustained to maximise their bets and win more money. The truth is this is not a sustainable strategy.

Non-stop betting is a bad approach. It can lead to severe financial loss, debts, health concerns, and gambling problems. Excessive betting can also strain personal relationships, causing conflict with family and friends. Instead of winning more money, you might end up bankrupt and experience emotional distress.

One way to address this concern is through effective bankroll management. It is the practice of controlling and allocating your betting funds to achieve long-term success while minimising the risks of non-stop betting. Understanding bankroll management can help you determine when to stop placing your bets and when it is safe to give a larger stake.

The golden rule when managing your bankroll is to never wager more than 1% or 2% of your bankroll on a single bet. So, for instance, betting 1% of a $100 bankroll means giving 1$ per wager. If you find yourself continuously increasing your bets to recover losses, it’s a red flag.


Betting While Under Influence

Alcohol does not only affect your physical health but also your decision-making abilities. When you are under the influence, you are more likely to make impulsive and irrational betting choices. You might bet excessively on risky wagers without considering the right betting strategy and analysis.

Moreover, alcohol can affect your emotional control. For instance, you might become more emotionally reactive after losing a bet, which can lead to reckless behaviour. Consuming too much alcohol while engaging in esports betting can undermine responsible gambling and fun betting experience.


Not Taking a Break After a Huge Return

If you hit the biggest prize and are ready for a cash out, you must take a break. Most people get greedy and start placing bigger bets with their hard-earned results. This is a bad practice as the betting risk increases significantly.

It is best to cash your money out once you win big and leave something for future bets. This way, you can spoil yourself and still have some money for your next big esports event. Refusing to wage your entire money is a practical and sustainable solution to avoid bankruptcy and obtain long-term betting success.


Getting Too Emotional

Emotions are normal when winning or losing your bet. However, you must ensure they’re not taking over your mind when making decisions. Overconfidence after a series of wins can lead to overly aggressive betting, while disappointment after a losing streak can be challenging to handle.

Emotional attachment to teams or players can also cloud your judgment, leading to biased analysis. Instead of assessing their performance, you might favour your favourite team, even when the odds are against them.



Mistakes are part of anyone’s betting journey. However, after knowing these common errors, it is essential to work them out to improve your betting performance and profitability. You can also practice your betting skills with a trusted sports betting agent Singapore to help you identify your poor betting practices and address them with the right strategies.

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