All You Need to Know about Dog Racing Betting -

All You Need to Know about Dog Racing Betting

Dog racing boasts a rich history spanning nearly 100 years. It is renowned for its speed and competitiveness, finding strongholds in countries like Australia, Ireland, the UK, and the US.

This sport has steadily gained popularity among bettors, establishing a prominent presence in today’s betting scene. A significant draw for enthusiasts is the recognized integrity and transparency in dog racing. Human interference is kept to a minimum during races, elevating the appeal for fair competition.

Another benefit of dog racing betting Singapore is that it is similar to wagering on horse racing—or so on just a few aspects. Nonetheless, before you start your dog racing betting journey, you first need to learn the basics of the sport, the types of bets available, and strategies to help you identify winning race dogs.

Types of Dog Racing

Dog racing has two main forms: track racing and coursing.

Track racing is the most prevalent form of dog racing worldwide and involves competitive races where dogs compete on either an oval or straight-line track. These races are organized with the help of an artificial lure that travels along the rail in front of the dogs until one of the hounds crosses the finish line.

This form of dog racing can take place on different types of tracks – dirt tracks, grass tracks, and artificial surfaces (i.e., sand and loam).

Meanwhile, while less common in the modern dog racing landscape, coursing is a type of greyhound racing with a rich tradition and history. It is often considered a more natural and traditional form of dog racing, where greyhounds chase a lure in open fields or large spaces.

Dog Racing Bet Types

There are various betting options available for dog racing Singapore, with many of the popular and common dog racing betting markets bearing a strong resemblance to those found in horse racing. This similarity stems from the broad commonalities shared between the two sports.

Win Bet – This is a bet you place to guess which of the dogs will cross the finish line first.

Place Bet – Place bet is the dog racing bet type that involves betting on a specific dog to finish first or second. This bet typically offers a lower payout than a win bet, as it covers multiple positions.

Show Bet – This bet is less risky than win and place bets, as it offers a payout if your chosen race dog finishes on any of the top three placements.

Across the Board – An across the board bet is a combination of the win, place, and show bets. If your chosen greyhound wins the first placement in the race, you will receive payouts for all three bets. If the race dog finishes second, you will receive payouts only for place and show bets. And, if the dog finishes third in the race, you will get a payout for the show bet.

Exacta Bet – This bet involves betting on two race dogs to finish in the first and second placement in the exact order.

Quinella Bet – Quinella bet is quite similar to the exacta bet, which involves placing bets on two greyhounds to finish first and second place in the race. But the order does not matter in this bet type—as long as the chosen dogs are in the top two positions, the bet pays out.

Trifecta Bet – This bet involves selecting three race dogs to finish in the first, second, and third placements and in the exact order. Trifecta bets have high odds—meaning these can offer substantial payouts but are difficult to win.

Superfecta Bet – Superfecta betting, also known as first four betting, involves predicting the first four race dogs to finish the race and earn placements in the correct order. Like a trifecta bet, a superfecta bet is difficult to win but can offer a significant payout.

How to Identify a Winning Bet

Winning bets in dog racing is often associated with luck. But you should not always rely on your intuition when engaging in dog racing betting. This feeling may not provide a strong foundation for making informed decisions. Intuition can also be influenced by factors such as emotions, greed, and excessive excitement.

While you can sometimes listen to your sixth sense, you should also weigh in certain factors when making betting decisions. Below are some factors that often have considerable influence on the results of a race:


You must consider the characteristics of the track, such as the distance, surface, and hurdles, to predict the winning race dog.


The race distance is a critical factor to consider when partaking in dog racing betting. Greyhounds exhibit varying strengths when it comes to different racing distances—some excel in shorter sprints, while others are better suited for longer endurance races. Understanding a race dog’s preferred distance is vital for making informed bets.


Track conditions can affect how greyhounds perform; hence, this is one of the factors you should focus on when making betting decisions.

As previously mentioned, track racing occurs on a variety of surfaces, including dirt, grass, sand, and artificial materials. And similar to horses, race dogs have different surface preferences, with some dogs performing better on specific surfaces.


Hurdles are a 21st-century innovation and an addition to the dog racing sport to encourage spectators to keep coming to dog races. Hurdle racing is quite a new form of dog racing but is greatly similar to track racing, only that dogs are required to leap over hurdles in this type of race.

The use of hurdles on tracks can affect a race dog’s running style and speed; thus, you should look for an athletic and agile race dog when betting in hurdle races.

Racing History

Reviewing a race dog’s racing history – past races, results, and times – can provide valuable insights into its performance. These pieces of information can help look for patterns in wins and improvements and gauge the dog’s current form and potential for success.

Information about Greyhound

Just like in other sports betting disciplines, knowing specific details about the race dogs you are betting on can be a game-changer. Such information may be beyond their racing history. You should gather details on the dog’s temperament, running style, triggers, positions, age, grade, and previous injuries. All these data can help you assess their potential performance in their next races.

Where to Bet on Dog Racing?

You can bet on dog racing events in the traditional manner—being at the track. This lets you place bets on the spot and enjoy watching the race live.

On the other hand, you can leverage Singapore betting sites to bet on dog racing. There are many good reasons to wager on dog racing events online, including convenience, privacy, and additional enticing offers (such as bonuses and promotions).

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