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Difference Between Betting on Sports Simulators and Virtual Sports

The coronavirus pandemic has put significant sporting events across the globe on hold, with sports leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA) either postponing or cancelling their matches. Hence, sports bettors have ran out of games to bet on.

Given the absence of sporting events, interest in virtual sports betting has increased among sports bettors. Virtual games and eSports were not affected by the pandemic; therefore, football, basketball, tennis, and other sports played in sports simulations, and cyber leagues are still available for sports bettors. 

With the postponement of many games worldwide, sports bettors are more likely to turn their heads to virtual games and eSports to satisfy their hunger for sports betting. But, before betting on virtual games and eSports on sportsbooks, it is vital for bettors to learn the difference between the two. 

eSports is played in real gaming events, with professional gamers contesting eSports-based tournaments. Their tournaments are typically streamed on Twitch, a popular video game streaming site, or other popular streaming platforms to broadcast the game and let bettors see how the game sets out. In contrast, virtual sporting games are simulations of sporting events that are done via a computer or random number generator. 

Bettors are given two options if they decide to bet on virtual games. They can bet on sports simulators or virtual sports. Sports bettors might get confused between the two as both are computer-based; however, sports simulators and virtual sports have differences, including how the game procedure sets out, strategies on how to bet on the games, and the games available for each of the virtual games. 

Difference Between Betting on Sports Simulators and Virtual Sports

What are sports simulators?

Sports simulators are also known as video game simulations or video game sims. Video game simulations are strictly Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven; hence, the matchups are computer-controlled by the software of the games being simulated. 

The outcomes of video game sims have a degree of randomness. However, much of it is based on various factors, such as: 

  • statistical ratings of teams
  • historical records
  • player abilities and conditions 

What sports simulation games are there?

Sports video game franchises are typically used by gamers for recreational purposes; hence, they control and play as one of the players of their favorite team in a match. However, these video game franchises can be considered a sports sim and be used for sports sim betting. 

Various sportsbooks are offering sports sims to bettors. Here are the following video game franchises that currently have simulations:

  • NBA 2K21
  • Madden 21
  • FIFA 21
  • Nascar Heat
  • NHL 21
  • MLB The Show 20
  • UFC 4

How to bet on sports simulators?

Sports bettors can easily understand the rules of sports simulation games as these follow the rules of the sports they are simulating. Accordingly, the duration of sports simulations is the same as a real sports match. 

Handicapping sports sims is almost the same as handicapping real-life sports, but minus the coaching, motivational and situational angles. Consequently, the betting lines found for traditional real-life sports betting, such as spreads, straights, and totals, can also be found on video game sim. Some sportsbooks also offer team and player props and championship futures. 

When betting on video game sims, sports bettors have to be familiar with the teams. The ideal strategy is to analyze the teams and their statistical ratings and the players and their individual skills and conditions. 

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports, like sports simulations, are inspired by real-life sports events. However, the difference is that a Random Number Generator determines the outcome of the virtual sporting events through advanced algorithms. 

Consequently, sportsbooks see the advantages of offering virtual sports, as bettors can keep betting online even without a real-world event happening. And also, because virtual games matches are shorter in length and typically last for about two to three minutes. Thus, increasing wagers and the rate of bets they can take. 

What virtual sports are there?

Various sportsbooks offer virtual sports, simulations of real-life sporting events. And among the most popular sports available to bettors are:

  • Football 
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

How do virtual sports work?

Unlike sports simulations, which have varying factors affecting an event’s outcome, virtual sports matches do not have many factors to consider other than the randomness of the results. Virtual games are typically focused on goals and violations, not each team’s abilities and ratings in the match. Therefore, making betting on virtual sports exceedingly unpredictable and challenging. 

As virtual sports are associated with randomness, bettors should place wagers on markets betting markets with fewer betting options. 

Sports Simulation VS Virtual Sports Betting Strategies 

Sports simulation and virtual sports are both virtual games that are inspired by real-life sporting events and have a degree of randomness in terms of the result of matches. However, the two differ so much on event procedures. Sports sims have the same rules and duration as real-life sporting events; meanwhile, virtual games depend solely on the game’s goals and violations and have a shorter time. 

Since the two have different event procedures, punters will likely have varying betting strategies on these. As the outcomes for virtual sports betting events are algorithm-based, bettors have to be careful with their wagers by staking low and sticking to short odds. 

On the other hand, bettors have to formulate more comprehensive strategies when placing bets on sports simulations to increase their chances of winning. As sports sims have the same rules and duration as real-life sports, punters betting on sports sims have to analyze the statistical ratings of teams and players’ abilities and conditions to weigh the odds of a team winning the match. Hence, like other sports betting events, bettors placing wagers on sports sims should have a fixed staking plan with low stakes. 

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