How to Bet On Horse Races – Vital Tips for Beginners -

How to Bet On Horse Races – Vital Tips for Beginners

Horse betting is one of the most indulging sports betting in the world. If we take the United States of America as an example, then Horse racing is the 3rd most betted sport in the country, only to be behind the world popular sports, football and basketball. This is a great achievement when the horse race is compared to the viewers to bet ratio. On terms of viewership Horse riding is the 26th most-watched sport in the United States of America, so if we compare the bet to viewer ratio then horse riding comes up as a stalwart in the betting industry. This evergreen sport has attracted many betters over time, and in case it has attracted you too for betting, here are some tips on how to bet on horse races, which are vital for beginners.


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Take up the example of any betting sport from any experienced better and the one thing that all betters would suggest in common is the fact that they do their homework and that all the bets that they place and which make their bets a success is based upon the homework that they had done before coming into the race for betting against their favorite. Before you run into betting on the race check the history of the race, see if there are any recurring results, check the kind of race arena it is. Is it turf or is it grass or mud, and based on that check which horse has performed consistently well. Make a table and try to find out the best three horses. Also to check is the jockey of the horse under whose able horsemanship the races are won or lost. These 3-4 basic checks will cover up the part of accessing the race before it has begun and you have betted.


While betting in the sport of Horse race, one should know the fact that there are various available bet forms to choose from. It is not always necessary that one will have to bet upon just one horse and wait for it to reach the top of the podium in the given race. The better way is to divide the money into smaller multiple bets, this will reduce the chances of loss. A person can choose from various bet forms like position bets, where the better choose a horse and also the position on which the horse might finish. A person can also bet on multiple horses in the same race, thus increasing the probability of winning, an option of choosing on different races in also available. These options give me more chances of winning, and in case there is a loss, the loss will not affect your pocket much as the total amount was diluted into small amounts for different bets.


An important part of betting is controlling your bankroll. Controlling the flow of money becomes the most important part. One should always make a budget before starting to bet and should keep an account of the incoming money and the money that is outgoing. In this way, a person can confine losses in case they occur. The same goes with respect to the profit earned. One should set a limit that after some certain profit, the person will no more bet and leave the money for another day of betting. This is mostly psychological as the person at times can get overwhelmed after winning certain money and then start to bet abruptly, which can then lead to losses that gain. Therefore, in both cases, it is important that the person betting should make a note to the balance that was required to what has been spent or earned.


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The sport of horse racing has 4 different classes. Based on the performance of the horses in the races in which they participate the horses are promoted or demoted from one class to another. The four classes are Maiden races, claiming races, allowance races, and stake races. For example, you are betting upon an allowance racehorse, you see that the horse has won the last few races, and you think of betting on that particular horse. What you must also see that in what category has the horse won, suppose the horse you were eyeing had won the last 4 races bit in claiming races, and you are betting in allowance races, then when you analyze you will find that the horse has just been promoted to the allowance race, and even being on top in the claiming races, the horse will face stronger competition and might not be able to compete with the allowance race category horses. Then, in this case, your bet was not such a good idea.

Here are a few vital tips that a beginner should look upon before investing his or her money into horse betting. Homework, analysis and knowing the track history are the vitals that should be kept in mind before betting on your favorite horse.