How to Place Bets on the French Open 2024 -

How to Place Bets on the French Open 2024

The French Open is one of the most prestigious tennis events, and it attracts millions of spectators and bettors annually. This tennis competition pays the players well, with a total prize pool of over €40 million in 2023, making it a lucrative event for tennis players.

Moreover, this major tennis tournament also provides opportunities in Singapore online sports betting. Bettors can consider different betting markets for the French Open, such as match winner (moneyline), set betting, point betting, first set winner, and outright winner. For bettors who want to win big in tennis betting, it is imperative to learn more about helpful French Open betting tips.

What is the French Open?

The French Open or the Roland Garros, is the second Grand Slam championship in professional tennis. It is played in a premier clay court, and it is the only Grand Slam tournament that is played on this type of surface. The clay courts make it a challenging experience for tennis players, as they slow down shots, accentuate different spins, and have difficult shotmaking for many players who are more adept on the hard tennis courts.

This tennis tournament was first held in 1891 as the French Championships, which was initially only open to French citizens until 1925. This French tournament was later named Roland Garros after the French aviation pioneer who died during World War I.

In 2024, the French Open will be held from May 26 to June 10, 2024, at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, France. The complex translates to Roland Garros, which is home to twenty courts, three of which are known as stadium courts.

French Open 2024 Betting Tips and Strategies

Bettors must employ strategies to succeed when betting on major championship games like the French Open. Here are some betting tips that bettors can apply when placing wagers in the tennis tournament:

Analyse Player Form on Clay Courts

Bettors must analyse the players’ recent form on clay courts. Clay is a unique surface in tennis courts, which demands different playing techniques. This type of court surface also emphasises a player’s endurance when playing. Moreover, delving deeper into the statistics is imperative when betting on the French Open since not all players can hop on the clay and win matches.

A player who consistently performs well on clay leading up to the French Open tournament can carry that momentum in the French Open. Bettors can look at the players’ recent performances on clay courts to analyse their form. Consider the player’s win-loss records, match statistics, and how they have played in previous French Open seasons on clay.

Consider Clay Court Specialists

Clay court specialists usually thrive at the French Open, which has unique surface characteristics. Tennis players who are more comfortable with the slow pace and longer rallies on clay courts have the upper hand over all-round players who thrive more on faster surfaces.

For instance, Dominic Thiem, known for his clay performance, is not the quickest player. The slow pace in clay courts enables Thiem to maximise his endurance and minimise his weakness, which is speed.


Look at Head-to-Head Records on Clay

Examining the players’ head-to-head records is another helpful French Open betting tip to consider. Some tennis players have specific strengths and weaknesses against certain opponents on clay surfaces, which provides a notable advantage.

For instance, if a player consistently performs well against a certain player on clay courts, it might indicate a tactical advantage. Analysing past playing encounters on clay can offer valuable insights into how players match up against each other. This helps bettors arrive at more informed betting decisions.

Evaluate the Players’ Recent Form and Fitness Levels

It is vital for bettors to thoroughly assess a player’s recent form and fitness levels for successful betting. Professional tennis players in good form and optimal fitness conditions can handle the physical and mental demands of this Grand Slam tournament.

For instance, if a French Open player recently won or had a deep run in clay court tournaments before the French Open, it is an indicator of optimal form.

Conversely, if a player has suffered from injuries or did not perform well in extended tennis matches, it might be a reason to think twice before considering betting on them to find value.

Pick Tennis Players with Experience in Grand Slam Tournaments

A player’s experience in Grand Slam tournaments like the French Open can have a pivotal role in their performance on the court. The pressure and challenges that players can encounter when playing can affect them differently. Those with a history of deep runs in major tennis tournaments indicate having the mental resilience to succeed.

Moreover, a player’s track record in major tennis matches can be a valuable betting strategy. This helps bettors identify the players who are more likely to handle the pressures in competitive tournaments. For instance, Novak Djokovic has consistently performed well in Grand Slam tournaments, including the French Open.

Understand the Style of Play

Bettors must understand serving and return to be successful in French Open betting. Due to the slower nature of the clay surface, big servers may struggle more at Roland-Garros, unlike at Wimbledon. While an excellent serve is useful, players need to be excellent returners to put the pressure back on the player’s opponent.

Look for Value Bets

When wagering on the French Open, bettors must not just bet on the favourites. Instead, try to find tennis players and betting odds that offer good value for one’s money and manage your bankroll wisely. Moreover, it is imperative not to refrain from betting more money that one cannot afford to lose.

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The French Open is one of the most anticipated tennis events. Sports fans and bettors can expect the top-ranked tennis players to compete on the challenging clay court as the tournament unfolds. It is vital to have a betting strategy, know which is the best Singapore betting site, and conduct thorough research about the players before placing any wagers.

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