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Key Baccarat Terms and Slangs You Should Learn

When you plan to play baccarat or any other live casino game in Singapore, one of the things that you should learn is the terms and slang. The main reason for this is simple; to have enough background for the basic rules of what you are playing.

You do not want to be ignorant when you place a bet during a game. It is good to equip yourself and gather as much information as needed before risking your money. To help you get started, here are the critical baccarat terms and slangs that you should learn.



This term is one of the worst things you can hear when playing online casinos, specifically in baccarat. In Italian, baccarat means zero. When you and the banker have a total of zero, this will represent the worst possible hand in the game.

La Grande

The best hand is called La Grande in baccarat, which means ‘The Big One’ in French. Every player wants this hand as it totals into nine.


A word originated from French; this term is used at baccarat’s table. Croupier is a direct translation for the dealer.


This term must be familiar to you; however, in baccarat, the dealer is necessary because they play along during the game, and as a player, you need to beat them.


In gambling, the bankroll is the money that you aim to spend for betting purposes.


As the new game starts and you shuffle your card, burning is the process of eliminating the top three cards.


You do not simply ask for a card on the baccarat table. Carte is the term used to do that.

Banker Bet

Everyone who plays baccarat can say that a banker bet is the best wager that they can choose. The payout is 1:1 if your chance is successful.

Flat Bet

The flat bet in baccarat works slightly differently on other bets. Your wager remains the same at every hand, meaning even if you lose or win, you won’t lose or gain too much cash in the long run.

Tie Bet

Just like any other game, you can place a bet on a tie. If both the player and banker have an equal number of points in hand in baccarat’s table, they have attained a draw. Players who place a wager on a tie will win the game.


In simple terms, the commission is a certain percentage of your money deducted from your total winnings. Most of the time, baccarat’s commission is up to 5%, but some casinos don’t have this.


If you want to play baccarat and don’t know about it, don’t worry because if you know these terms, you will likely understand it when you’re on gameplay. These bunch of terms will help you get familiar with the things happening in the casino.

During the pandemic, the increased use of online casinos did not limit people to use these terms, so it would be best to know these basic yet straightforward terms in baccarat.

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