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Strategies You Can Use to Avoid Bookmaker Limitations

Bookmakers limiting accounts is a common occurrence online. Sportsbooks often impose bookmaker limitations on accounts of bettors to restrict or reduce the maximum bet they can place or the maximum winnings they can take for any bets they place on the platform.

Online sportsbooks set limitations on a bettor’s account for various reasons. Such can include: the bettor is winning too much, abusing bonuses and promotions, placing weird wager amounts, and having potential duplicate accounts in the platform.

While it may be a tough pill to swallow for many gamblers, bookmakers keep an eye on their users and limit accounts of gamblers whose behaviour on the sports betting website may be a big risk to their business.

In a lot of cases, bookmaker limitation is unavoidable. But there are several ways on how you can better protect your betting account from getting limited by the sportsbook. Here are some of the strategies that can help you avoid dealing with a limited betting account.


Start Small and Slowly


Sports betting websites are not huge fans of professional bettors as they often lose from these gamblers. Generally, professional sports bettors end up withdrawing more money than they deposit.

Sportsbooks tend to pay more attention to new accounts to analyse the betting behaviours of new users. They also flag the accounts with massive deposits and a history of placing bets on more complicated betting markets as potential professional gamblers.

Therefore, when you create a new account in a sportsbook, it would be best for you to deposit a modest amount of money and start slow with your betting activities. Regularly going light with your stakes will help you avoid attracting the attention of the bookmakers and keep your account from being limited or banned.


Always Bet Round Numbers


Sportsbooks also do not like arb bettors – they are the ones who typically use arbitrage betting, which often offers a guaranteed profit. And, bookmakers often spot arb punters quickly as these bettors often bet exact amounts; for instance, they will be $47.44.

When online sportsbooks spot that you are arbing and matched betting, they may reduce your account’s betting limits to prevent you from “milking the system.” Consequently, if you want to avoid having your account limited or banned, it is better to wagers rounded to the nearest tens or hundreds.


Do Not Create Multiple Betting Accounts


Some gamblers think they can outsmart sportsbooks and take advantage of promotions and rewards by creating multiple or duplicate accounts. However, doing this often results in limitation, banning, or forfeiture of their accounts and entire account balances.

Sportsbooks are one step ahead of their users. They have employed several technologies and processes to identify people operating duplicate accounts. So, if they detect that you have multiple accounts on their platform, it is more likely that you will have your betting account/s limited or closed.


Do Not Make Unnecessary Withdrawals


Sportsbooks incur banking costs for every deposit and withdrawal that you make from your betting account. Hence, if they monitor frequent deposits and withdrawals from your sportsbook account, it is highly likely to get limited.

Whether you are withdrawing your earnings after winning a bet or occasionally needing to balance your accounts in different bookmakers, it is ideal to limit how often and how much you withdraw from your betting account.


Use of Promotions and Bonuses Wisely


Sportsbooks offer promotions and bonuses to provide their customers with an unmatched betting experience. However, despite making them accessible to their bettors, bookmakers also monitor how often punters bet with or without utilizing these rewards.

Abusing promotions and bonuses by betting only when you have active offers can get your account limited. Although sites for sports betting in Malaysia do have various rewards for new and existing users of their platforms, you will want to make sure that you are not just gambling on their platform because of the promotional offers.

This goes the same with ignoring bonuses and promotions. Promotional offers are free money for you, and it is great to use for your advantage – earn profit from it. Accordingly, when you ignore and do not use these rewards, your bookmaker may flag you as a potential professional bettor. In most cases, professional gamblers partake in betting activities with a plan and seldom use bonuses and promotions.

Therefore, to prevent your account from being flagged, limited, or closed by your bookmaker, make sure to, at least, use some of the promotions and bonuses they have made available for you.


Consider Your Betting Pattern


Sportsbooks do not like smart bettors and consider them as potential risks. These types of bettors often bet the same amount whenever they participate in betting events; some punters even bet with higher amounts frequently – this means a bigger risk of potential losses for the bookmakers.

Sportsbooks often limit the accounts of these smart bettors to reduce their risk of losing significant amounts.

With this, you should consider your overall betting pattern and try to act like a regular or mug punter. Apart from the abovementioned strategies, you can also avoid getting your account flagged by wagering on different sports and events, not using the maximum stake allowed by the bookmaker, and avoiding frequent betting on small leagues.


Use Multiple Bookmakers


Spreading your bets across several bookmakers not only gives you better betting opportunities, but this strategy can also prevent your account from getting limited or banned.

By utilizing multiple bookmakers for your betting activities, you can effectively strategize how often and when you will be using a specific betting website. This tactic can also help you avoid being banned, especially when you are constantly winning – you can rest the winning account and continue enjoying partaking in betting events.


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