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The Best Strategies for Betting on Football

There will always be two types of bettors – some who bet for entertainment and others who make a wager to gain profits. However, there are also people who take advantage of betting strategies to ensure enjoyment while making money.

When it comes to football betting, bettors would have to make use of strategies to be successful. Otherwise, solely depending on luck is like expecting an inevitable loss.

Sports betting, in general, is diverse, and punters should know how to tailor their approach to a specific game and develop a game plan that will ensure a win. Here are some of the best strategies for betting on football.

Double Chance Bets

The apparent advantage of double chance wagers is having more chances of winning. A common mistake for many football punters is to bet on a basic outcome without considering other factors. Double chance bets make it possible to increase both the chances of winning and the amount of payout.

It is an attractive betting strategy, especially for closely-matched games. Picking a winner for a game is considerably more challenging when the other team has better chances of winning. However, it can help a bettor be at ease with double chance bets if they feel uncertain of what team will.

The Over/Under 2.5 Strategy

When punters place a bet on this market, they have two options – to bet over 2.5 goals or bet under 2.5 goals. Statistically, 2.5 is the average number of goals scored in a match in leagues worldwide. When bettors bet over, it means they are looking for three or more goals in the game. On the other hand, betting under means, bettors are looking for two or less goals in the game.

Using this strategy, bettors would have to decide whether there will be more or less than 2.5 goals scored in a match.

Betting Against The Favorite

Many punters mistakenly think that this strategy is plain silly. After all, who would want to place a wager on a team with fewer supporters than the opposition? While it is the least option for many, betting against the favorite team is one of the most effective football betting strategies as it requires bettors to be rational when deciding.

To successfully employ this strategy, bettors should have adequate research about the opposing teams, including the matches they played, players, injuries, and more – all factors which may affect their gameplay.

Situational Handicapping

Situational handicapping is a strategy that means looking at the situation of the teams before making predictions. It helps create a better forecast by carrying out some comparisons and a great way to determine how a football game might play out. Regardless of how popular the opposing team is, the team with the best quality is more likely to win.

It is important to note the overall quality of football teams as it can affect a match’s outcome. Situational handicapping covers factors that include taking everything into account and assessing other factors influence.

Here are some of the situation factors bettors should focus on:

Playing Conditions – Playing conditions can directly influence the performance of the teams. The difficulty of the football field can vary substantially daily. Bettors should look into factors such as surface, weather, and the stadium.

Streaks – While it is tempting to bet for the team on winning streaks, bettors should think twice before placing a wager. It is because opponents may develop a strong urge to stop the straight win and, therefore, might improve their morale and gameplay.

Travel – Travel time can considerably make players stressed and exhausted. Bettors should consider knowing how far the team had to travel or have gone across time zones.

Previous Matches – There are motivating factors that might affect the gameplay of a team. An example would be a team going out for revenge on their opposing team.

Schedule – It is essential to check their past and future schedules as chances are: players might not be at their best if they had a packed schedule.

Standings – It is essential to look at the teams’ standings and consider which ones are moving on to the playoffs. A game between two teams with something at stake might be different from a game where the other team has nothing to lose.

Injuries – Injuries are a significant factor in situational handicapping as it directly affects a player’s gameplay, especially if the team’s prominent players have to sit the game out.

Mathematical Approaches to Football Betting

Having an excellent mathematical approach to football betting is a great strategy to help to place successful wagers. Kelly Criterion The Kelly Criterion is a well-known strategy in several forms of gambling, including football betting. A mathematical formula can be applied to determine whether the optimal sum of money should be invested or wagered. In relation to sports betting, it is used to calculate better how much bettors should stake on any wager they place.

Kelly Criterion Strategy Formula: (bp – q) / b = f

• “b” is the multiple of a stake bettors can win from the proposed wager.

• “p” is the possibility of the proposed wager winning.

• “q” is the possibility of the proposed wager losing.

• “f” is the solution to the formula providing bettors the suggested fraction of their bankroll to stake on the proposed wager.

Martingale System

This strategy might not be for everyone as it requires a considerably large bankroll. Essentially, the Martingale Strategy forces bettors to double their wager each time they lose until they eventually win and show a profit. Its popularity is due to its ability to guarantee a profit in the short term.

Importance of Betting Strategies

The reality is, sports betting is unpredictable, and this is why bettors should develop and employ strategies as a plan to ensure a successful betting experience. Betting strategies are also significant for those who have adopted sports betting as a source of income and are committed to achieving long-term success. Having a unique betting strategy can set bettors apart from others and might increase their chances of winning.

Tips on How to Develop Betting Strategies

• Research about existing betting strategies from reputable sources and will serve as a foundation of technique and plans.

• Select a betting market and sports you want to bet on and be on the lookout for betting trends that might arise.

• After settling on a strategy, the next best course is to test and tweak. You can do this by testing out strategies with small stakes and monitor how well you can perform with the wagers you placed. With every result, it is best to examine for possible adjustments, including other variables you overlooked. Accordingly, remove variables that do not affect the outcome.


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