VALORANT Betting—A Beginner's Guide -

VALORANT Betting—A Beginner’s Guide

VALORANT is a fast-paced, tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Riot Games. Despite only being released in 2020, the game has already gained traction among video game and eSports enthusiasts, even competing with other FPS games such as CS: GO and the Call of Duty series in terms of viewership figures and active players.

This game’s rise in the video gaming industry as well as its massive demand among gamers, has resulted in its establishment as an eSports discipline. With VALORANT’s strategic gameplay and intense competition, betting on this game can be an exciting and lucrative experience.



In VALORANT, two teams composed of five (5) each will either detonate/defuse the Spike or eliminate the enemy team.

Each team will have a side: attackers or defenders. The attacker’s team will push to plant the Spike, while the defender’s team will stop or defuse the Spike.

The first team to win thirteen (13) rounds in a map wins.

Players only get one (1) life per round.

The attacking side gets the point of a round if the Spike successfully detonates or they have eliminated all five defenders. Conversely, the defender side wins the round if they defuse the Spike, foil the plant, or eliminate all five players of the attacker team.

A VALORANT match usually consists of multiple maps, and the standard match structure follows a best-of-three format. This means a team needs to win two maps to win the match.

Nine (9) maps are currently available in VALORANT: The Range, Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent Icebox, Breeze, Fractuce, and Pearl. All maps are available for players to be played in Unrated mode, while only seven maps can be played in Ranked mode.

VALORANT developers typically execute a map rotation to play in Ranked mode in every Episode. Riot Games calls each season in VALORANT an Episode and is segmented into three acts. With the introduction of new acts, the developers add or remove content to the game.


Competitive VALORANT Tournaments

VALORANT has a fast-growing user and fan base despite being relatively new in the eSports scene. Since its release in 2020, numerous global and regional competitive tournaments are being held, and more tournaments continue to emerge, including:

VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT)

First Strike

Ignition Series

VALORANT Conquerors Championship

VALORANT Challengers

Knights Gauntlet

Allied Esports Odyssey

Liquipedia VALORANT (LVP) – Circuito Tormenta

VALORANT Summer Championship

Giants Showdown

Types of VALORANT Bets

VALORANT has taken the gaming and esports worlds by storm with its appealing gameplay—it is no wonder many online sportsbook Singapore are offering a multitude of betting markets for this game have emerged. Here are some of them:

Tournament Winner

The tournament winner betting market generally involves wagering on the team you think will win in a specific tournament. However, deciding which team to bet on in this betting market may not be as straightforward, as you will need to incorporate ample strategies to successfully guess the tournament winner.

Wagering in this betting market requires a good understanding of the tournament’s competitive landscape as well as factors that can contribute to a team’s success. Such may include team performance, player dynamics, roster changes, and meta-shifts within the game.


Match Winner

Match winner market is a popular betting market for bettors who want a quick, adrenaline-filled VALORANT betting experience without delving too deeply into the game’s nuances. The betting process in this market is quite straightforward—you need to pick which team you think will win a specific match.

If you want to increase your chances of winning a match winner bet, you must consider certain factors before placing a wager on a specific team. This may include team form and strategies, individual player performance, and map preferences.


Map Winner

The map winner betting market introduces an element of diversity to VALORANT betting, allowing bettors to predict the team to win a specific map within a match. Betting on this market requires an in-depth understanding of team strengths and map dynamics.

VALORANT maps have their respective layout and challenges, and teams have varying performance on these maps – with most excelling on the map that allows them to go full-blown with their skills (e.g., close-quarters combat skills). With this in mind, you need to analyse how a team performs on individual maps, whether they favour attack or defense, and how well their strategies align with the map design before placing a map winner bet.


Total Maps Played

Total maps played betting market is pretty direct, and this involves guessing the total number of maps in a specific match. VALORANT matches are typically played in the standard best-of-three format, with the team earning win in two maps emerging victorious.

This betting market requires evaluating the competing teams’ strengths, past performance, head-to-head matchup stats, and map dynamics.


Total Rounds in a Map

Total rounds betting market is pretty similar to correct score betting—bookies provide a specific number, and bettors must guess whether the total number of rounds played in a particular map is higher or lower than that number. As mentioned, VALORANT matches are usually played in a best-of-three maps format, with each map having a maximum of 25 rounds. Consequently, the first team to win 13 rounds will emerge as the map winner.

When wagering in this type of betting market, you need to consider the playing teams’ strengths, tendencies, and play strategies. Other factors that may also play a crucial role in determining the total rounds betting market are map pool, team composition, and recent team and player performances.


First Blood

Similar to other eSports disciplines, the first blood betting market involves guessing which team or player will earn the first kill in a round or map. This betting market often attracts bettors who enjoy quick thrill experiences and bets with immediate results.

However, despite its straightforward betting process, placing a first blood bet requires a keen insight into player tendencies, team strategies, and early-game or early-round dynamics.


Spike Plant

Spike plant is among the betting markets that connect with VALORANT’s objective-based gameplay. This betting market involves predicting whether the attacker team will successfully plant the Spike in a particular round or not.

As it involves one of VALORANT’s objectives, wagering on spike plant betting may require a bit of experience or knowledge with the teams playing. You need to consider team strategies, player roles, and map control to gain an edge in this betting market.



This betting market involves predicting whether a match will enter overtime or end within the regular rounds.

VALORANT matches can be intense and closely contested, particularly high-stakes tournaments. As a result, many matches result in a tie, with both attackers and defender teams winning 12 rounds each in a specific map. Such scenarios often bring the match to overtime, which provides spectators with an added layer of excitement to the game and a boost in the betting experience of eSports bettors.


Live Betting

As with other eSports titles, partaking in live betting activities is a dynamic way to engage with VALORANT matches as they unfold. Live or in-play betting lets you place bets while the game progresses. You can wager on the abovementioned betting markets as well as other outcomes that might happen in-game, such as whether the defender team gets to defuse the Spike or which character will use their ultimate ability first.


Where to place VALORANT eSports bets?

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