4D Betting in Singapore: What You Need to Know -

4D Betting in Singapore: What You Need to Know

Lottery games are in abundance in Singapore. These offer bettors an opportunity to win big prizes and even change their fortunes at just a minimal cost.

Among the prominent lottery games in Singapore is 4D. In this game, the main objective is for you to bet on a 4-digit number selected from 0000 to 9999. You will then qualify for a prize or prizes if your chosen 4-digit number correctly matches with the winning 4-digit numbers drawn.


4D Mechanics

To participate in 4D betting, you must select a 4-digit number between 0000 to 9999 and place bets on it before 6 PM on your chosen draw day. The minimum stake per 4D number in Singapore is $1.

Generally, 4D draws take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 6:30 in the evening. You can choose to bet for a single draw, two non-consecutive draws, all three draw days, or six consecutive draws.

During a 4D draw, 23 winning numbers will be drawn electronically using four drawing cylinders and numbered balls in every draw. Placing a Big bet can provide you 23 winning chances as three 4-digit winning numbers are drawn – respectively – for the first, second, and third prize categories, 10 winning numbers are drawn for the 4D starter, and another 10 for the consolation prizes.

Meanwhile, choosing to bet on Small gives you three winning chances. In this type of bet, you can qualify for a prize when your 4-digit number matches with one of the winning numbers in the top three prize categories.

The 4D payout for winning numbers depends on the stake amount of the 4D bet type that you place, and whether you bet Big or Small.


Types of 4D Bets

Ordinary Entry

This is the most common and straightforward type of 4D bet. You only need to bet on a 4-digit number in a specific order.

The winnings for Ordinary Big and Small Bet for a $1 stake are as follows:

Prize Category Number of 4-digit Winning Numbers Big Winnings Small Winnings
1st Prize One 4-Digit Number $2000 $3000
2nd Prize One 4-Digit Number $1000 $2,000
3rd Prize One 4-Digit Number $490 $800
Starter Prizes Ten 4-Digit Numbers $250 N/A
Consolation Prizes Ten 4-Digit Numbers $60 N/A

4D Roll Entry

4D Roll Entry is the 4D bet where you will be betting on the ten possible permutations of your selected 4-digit number. But instead of choosing four numbers to complete with your 4D bet, you will only pick three integers and make one number a rolling integer.

In Singapore, you can choose to place the rolling integer on the first number position (RXYZ), second number position (XRYZ), third number position (XYRZ), or fourth number position (XYZR). R refers to any number from 0 to 9, while X, Y, and Z represent your chosen integers to form your 4D number.

A 4D roll entry will cost you 10 times your bet amount as you must wager on each of the 4-digit number combinations. Consequently, the prize structure for this type of bet is the same as Ordinary Entry.


System Entry

This 4D bet allows you to cover all possible permutations of your chosen 4-digit number. You are qualified for a prize or prizes if any of the 4-digit numbers you bet on matches one or more of the drawn winning numbers.

As for the amount of bet when placing a system entry bet, this varies depending on the number of permutations you will bet on, stake amount, and the number of draw day(s) you will be betting on the 4-digit numbers.


iBet Entry

iBet Entry is quite like System Entry: it lets you bet on all possible combinations of your chosen 4-digit number. The main difference between the two is the required bet amount to place. In iBet Entry, you can bet on all permutations of your 4-digit number with just a $1 stake.

As the staking requirement for iBet Entry is smaller, the winnings are smaller than the other three 4D entry types.

Prize Category Prize Amount
Four different digits Two same digits Three same digits Two pairs

1st Prize

$83 $166 $500


2nd Prize

$41 $83 $250


3rd Prize

$20 $40 $127


Starter Prizes

$10 $20 $62


Consolation Prizes

$3 $6 $15


                                                                                  Prize Amounts for iBet Entry (Big)


Prize Category Prize Amount
Four different digits Two same digits Three same digits Two pairs

  1st Prize

$125 $250 $750 $500
            2nd Prize


$167 $500


3rd Prize $33 $66 $200


                                                                       Prize Amounts for iBet Entry (Small):

Quick Pick

This type of 4D bet allows you to use the system to generate a 4-digit number for you to bet on when you do not have any numbers in mind. You can place a Quick Pick bet by bet type at the price of $1 per bet.


Where to Place 4D Bets?

Traditionally, you can place 4D bets at a physical Singapore Pool outlet. But, with the ubiquity of electronic devices and accessibility of the internet in this modern era, you can now buy 4D tickets online at the website of 4D operators like Singapore Pools or on Singapore betting sites.

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