Rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid in Online Sports Betting -

Rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid in Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting continues to gain momentum today, and online sports betting is becoming the new norm for punters. Gamblers bet on sports to add excitement to their habit of watching sporting matches or make a profit out of it.

In the world of sports betting, one would hardly find someone who is yet to make a mistake while betting on sporting matches. While a professional or experienced bettor is likely to commit lesser mistakes, it is the sports betting beginners who find themselves losing big in sports betting events.

Generally, professional bettors limit themselves from committing mistakes and incurring losses through their experiences. Nevertheless, as a rookie or casual sports bettor, you can still avoid experiencing more losses than wins by avoiding some of the common mistakes when wagering on sports.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid to become profitable in sports betting:


Betting on Too Many Games


It would be best to avoid gambling in the spur of the moment or placing wagers in various games. While there are many sports betting games where you can be profitable, wagering on too many games can make you lose more money than earn them.

Selecting one sport to bet on is the best sports betting strategy you can implement, as this allows you to have a more disciplined approach to your betting activities. Your time and energy will be devoted to understanding the sport well; hence, you will be able to place informed bets and increase your chances of winning.


Placing Bets on Your Favourite Team


Wagering on your favourite team is not a problem if you are engaging in sports betting for fun and excitement. However, if you are trying to profit from sports betting, you should ignore your personal biases when formulating an informed bet.

It is crucial to base your betting decision on your knowledge of the sport you want to bet on as well as the statistical data or performance data of the teams playing during matches.


Blindly the Following Advice from Strangers


In this digital age, where you may see everything you need on the internet, it is crucial to be extra careful with which information to take in. There are plenty of internet tipsters who will provide you “inside information” to help you beat sportsbooks or tell you where to wager on for bigger prizes.

Do not blindly follow a tipster’s advice, as you might be risking your money/bet in something that may just be a wild guess. If you want to increase your profitability in sports betting, it is important to do your research before placing a bet.


Chasing Losses


Another rookie mistake that you should avoid is chasing your losses. Attempting to recover your losses, particularly when you are on a losing streak, can only lead you to lose more money than you intended to.

When betting on sports, you must understand that your wager has two possible outcomes: it can result in a win or loss. Regardless of whether you win or lose a bet, you need to accept the result. Do not chase your losses under any circumstances. Accordingly, if you find yourself incurring more losses, the smartest thing to do is take a break from wagering on sporting matches and re-strategize.


Not Taking Advantages of Bonuses


If your goal is to profit from sports betting, you should implement strategies that can increase your profitability, including taking advantage of offered bonuses and rewards. Sports betting websites generally offer bonuses and promotions to attract bettors and encourage them to use their platform for their betting activities. They provide sign-up bonuses and no deposit bonuses for new website users; meanwhile, they offer free bet promotions and loyalty rewards for existing clients.

Utilizing bonuses can increase your profit. However, when you decide not to use these bonuses and promotions, you are deciding to leave money on the table.


Setting Unrealistic Expectations


Losing in sports betting is the norm. Most people who wager on sports usually have more losses than wins. Even professional sports bettors have about a 60 per cent probability of winning a game despite having extensive knowledge about their sports and employing the best strategies. Therefore, setting goals like winning about 8 of 10 betting events you participate in is something you should not do, as this may result in disappointment.

If you also want to earn money from betting, do not expect yourself to do it overnight. Making money from sports betting is going to be slow, with many ups and downs. Consequently, with proper bankroll management and a staking plan, you can achieve nice, steady profit in the long term.


Selecting The Wrong Betting Sites


Many people now choose to bet online as it is convenient and easily accessible at any time and anywhere. They can also easily choose the gambling website they want to utilize for their betting activities as online casinos and sports betting sites are in abundance on the internet.

However, despite having the convenience of selecting a betting site to use, you should understand that not all of these websites are of the same standards. It is essential to choose a reputable sports betting website that is fully licensed and regulated and has an exemplary user interface. By doing so, you can ensure that you get the best sports betting experience, and you can safely place bets on sporting matches.




In sports betting, mistakes can be expensive. Knowing the common mistakes mentioned above can reduce your chances of incurring errors while betting and losing money for it. If you ever happen to slip up on a wager you placed, do not let it affect you negatively. Instead, take it in as part of the learning process, and make sure that you do not repeat the mistake.


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