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Beginner’s Guide: What is Arbitrage Betting

There are a lot of betting techniques available for almost any type of betting that everyone can learn through research. Each provides systematic suggested methods to at least increase the chances of landing a successful bet. But among all these techniques, one promises a 100% success rate if properly practiced and done right. Punters might have heard it by different names, such as “sure betting” or “risk-free betting” techniques. However, the exact name for this specific way of betting is Arbitrage betting.

What is Sports Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a specific way or technique in sports betting. Taking advantage of inconsistency and differences in sportsbooks or Singapore betting sites can guarantee profits. Sportsbooks’ assigned odds in particular sports events can be imperfect and entirely unidentical to others. This is due to the natural difference between sportsbooks caused by a human element that makes it imperfect when created.

To make it short, this technique is about capitalizing on different odds in the same event in two or more sportsbooks. Once done recognizing the inconsistency and differences in odds across multiple sportsbooks, guaranteed profits from wagering on every different possible outcome of a match can be possible.

How Does It Work?

To explain how arbitrage betting works, here is a simple example:

Using an imaginary football match, wherein the favourite is not entirely clear. Barcelona and Liverpool’s capabilities and forms are pretty comparable. This means the odds for a +0.5 Asian handicap can be close to 2.00. The first sportsbook, SBOBet, considers the first team, Barcelona, as the favourite. The victory is priced at 2.09, while for Liverpool is at 1.85. However, the second sportsbook, CMD368, thinks differently, Liverpool win at 2.8 while Barcelona is priced at 1.86.

This significant difference is what they call “arb” meaning it is an obvious opportunity for arbitrage betting. Let us assume that a punter will capitalize on this opportunity, staking $100 on Barcelona win with the first sportsbook, SBOBet. Also staking the same amount for with the second sportsbook, CMD368. In short, staking $100 at 2.09 on one sportsbook and $100 at 2.08 at the other end. Ending with a total stake of $200.

If Barcelona wins, the punter will win $209. If Liverpool wins, the punter will win $208. Ending up in a sure-win situation. A sure profit of $8-9 might be too small for a $200 stake, which is an apparent downside of arbing.

Note that the odds difference does not automatically mean that a different sportsbook shows a different underdog than other sportsbooks. Arbing is more focused on taking advantage of the difference in the odds between bookmakers.

How to Spot Arbitrage Bets?

Manually – Finding arbitrage opportunities can be done by manually searching for the same game in different sportsbooks and comparing odds. Make sure if there are inconsistencies and differences where it can be capitalized for certain bets. It is best to look for arbing opportunities only in the best online betting sites in Singapore.

Using Free software – In current arbitrage betting techniques, beginners can use free arbitrage programs to search for opportunities faster across different sportsbooks.

Using premium software – This is an upgraded version of the free software available. This paid software has a better interface, faster arb opportunity results with no delays, no profit and result limitations, etc. This is better for full-time arbitrage bettors.


There are too many techniques in each corresponding betting type available. They all aim to give systematic suggested strategies to increase the chances of landing a good bet. But there is one technique that promises 100% guaranteed profit if practiced and done accordingly. Arbitrage betting allows bettors to capitalize on inconsistencies of odds in different sportsbooks, ensuring sure win bets.

Bettors can even arb with us after placing an initial bet through Singapore Pools or other sportsbooks. Visit 88ProBet  to get access to different sportsbooks in Singapore, including United Gaming, CMD368, SBOBET, and SABA Sports to try arbitrage betting with.

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