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Top 6 Asian Game Providers to Check Out in 88ProBet

Once gamblers and sports bettors have registered in reputable Singapore betting sites like 88ProBet, they will see many different betting options in the form of live casinos, slots, sportsbooks, and others. While it can be confusing to pick which game provider to play through, this article will give bettors an idea of how to pick based on Betting Valley’s reviews.

CMD Sports – Sportsbook Betting

CMD Sports is one of the best, gaming platforms in Singapore. Because many Singaporean bettors will want to frequent sportsbooks, it’s essential for them to know which one is perfect for them. In Betting Valley’s review, CMD Sports is the top game provider offering online sportsbook Singapore services.

CMD Sports has a lot of sports and betting markets for sports bettors to bet on. Different sportsbooks can offer odds on different sports and markets. They can even have different odds on similar sports and markets. Compared to Singapore Pools own odds, CMD Sports will have more offerings for Singaporean sports bettors, effectively making it more popular than the legal option in the country.

Many bettors prefer CMD Sports thanks to its simple and user-friendly UI or user interface, brilliant customer service, and availability on the web and apps.

Evolution Gaming – Live Casino

Because Singaporeans who aren’t interested in sports don’t really have a lot of alternative betting options through Singapore Pools, they’ll more than likely choose to register in an online casino to play different casino games. 88ProBet will be able to cater to such bettors through Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming is the epitome of online casino gaming services and is easily number one in video-streamed live dealer games, according to Betting Valley. Anyone who wants to feel like they’re gambling in a traditional casino only needs to register in a live casino online Singapore and go to Evolution Gaming for their games.

Among the games that gamblers will be able to play include poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Of course, gamblers can play these games with a live dealer instead of simple RNG-based online games. Making sure that a game provider has the games that gamblers want to play is necessary to ensure that a casino’s customers will have fun and come back to play more games. Having a wide array of games like Evolution Gaming also ensures that gamblers can choose what game variation to play.

Pragmatic Play – Slots

Pragmatic Play is one of the leading content slot game providers in the betting industry. Its portfolio contains mobile-focused products, including mobile slot games. Pragmatic Play has developed over 200 slot games that have all been great additions to the online casino gaming world. All of their games also run on a single API, making life simple for all their partners.

Among the great games that Pragmatic Play developed includes the following:

Jurassic Giants

Tree of Riches

Fire Strike

Hot Safari

Honey Honey Honey

Gold Train

Queen of Gold

Jurassic Giants is a great slot with 4,096 ways to win, and players can earn up to 250 free spins and multipliers up to 4x. Tree of Riches is an oriental slot game with a 2,800x jackpot for lucky gamblers, has only 3 reels and 1 payline, and has a tree wild symbol that can add a 5x to 10x multiplier. Pragmatic Play has more games that gamblers can explore to see which ones are the best online slots in Singapore.

TF Gaming – Esports

Should sports bettors want to take a break from betting on soccer and other physical sports, they might want to try betting on esports. Among the top esports titles, these days include Dota 2, LoL, CS: GO, and Valorant and bettors will need the right platform to bet on these sports’ matches.

TF Gaming is a betting platform developed by a team of dedicated esports developers and experienced sportsbooks. TF Gaming’s goal is to offer a unique esports platform for all while covering both major and minor esports events worldwide.

TF Gaming offers great odds and quick settlement, which allows bettors to maximise their winnings and have an immediate and transparent cash-out process when it’s time to withdraw their winnings.

The other things that TF Gaming offers are the following:

Extensive choices of esports markets

Experienced and skilled esports traders

Fast and stable system, double betting speed

Support for PCs, mobile phones and tablets

Industry-leading betting experience

CITIBet – Live Horse Racing

CITIBet is a wonderful platform for online horse betting in Singapore, especially when Singaporean bettors want more options than what Singapore Pools typically offers. For many gamblers, CITIBet is their window to the world of global horse and greyhound racing.

Because CITIBet offers live horse racing options, bettors will need to know the details of the race, including which horses and jockeys are participating. The histories of both horses and jockeys are essential, and it’s a no-brainer to avoid horses that continuously lost many of their last races. But who knows? A lucky bettor might choose to ignore whatever information they get from researching the horses and jockeys and just bet on a horse by random.

While strategising which horse to bet on and whether to use parlays or exotic bets is valid, some bettors might throw caution to the wind and randomly place bets. Such bettors can get lucky against all odds and win big, like Steve Whiteley, who hit a £1.5m jackpot from a £2 bet through a Tote Jackpot that included a horse that lost over 20 of its previous races consecutively.

Betting through CITIBet can give Singaporean bettors the same possibility as Steve Whiteley, even when setting up parlays or exotic bets of their own.

Ezgo123 – Virtual Horse Racing

When live betting becomes boring since the best jockeys and horses aren’t currently racing, bettors can go to Ezgo123 for a different experience. Ezgo123 is a reputable horse racing game provider for many Singaporean bettors who want more options than what Singapore Pools offers. There’s no doubt that Ezgo123 is a well-known platform for virtual horse racing betting Singapore, and most bettors can easily access this once they register in an online casino like 88ProBet.

Ezgo123 allows bettors to experience betting on virtual horses through owning, training, and racing said virtual horses. While this is not exactly the same as that of live betting, it does give bettors more options.

The best part of Ezgo123 is that it gives bettors control over their virtual stables and the horses themselves as if they were playing a video game.


88ProBet offers multiple games, sports betting, and horse racing options and the providers mentioned here are simply a few examples of providers available through 88ProBet. Some of the providers mentioned above are simply the ones that can be accessed through 88ProBet while also being part of Betting Valley’s reviews.

Betting through CMD Sports, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, TF Gaming, CITIBet, and Ezgo123 is already enough for most bettors in 88ProBet, but they can still explore different providers. A lot of live casino providers offer nearly the same service, but some offer other things like AE Casino and its AE Sexy offering, which mainly offers sexy baccarat games with beautiful live dealers. The experience is largely the same but with some differences that might be better for some bettors than others.

To explore the different game providers, register at 88ProBet today.

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