Dog Race Betting: How Dog Racing Breeds Fare in a Race
Dog Racing Guide: How-Different-Types-of-Dog-Racing-Breeds-Fare-a-Race-awjdas46-asndanw1233

Dog Racing Guide: How Different Types of Dog Racing Breeds Fare in a Race

Dog racing betting Singapore is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, mainly because of how exciting it is to watch. Dogs love running. This allows them to explore the world while releasing energy, which helps them prevent venting their energy in destructive ways.

Additionally, dog racing has patrons worldwide because of how fast they can gain money. Unlike other sports where you have to wait a whole season to finish, you can get a payout in dog racing as fast as five minutes.

Dog racing is famous for online betting in Singapore because it is a relatively cheap gambling method. The stakes for dog racing are usually low, while the payouts can be high. This makes it an affordable way to have fun and earn money. In addition, bookmakers also offer ample dog racing bonus Singapore to provide bettors with a more exciting and unpredictable betting experience. Because of this, more people are enticed to participate.

The Different Racing Dog Breeds

All dogs are beautiful creatures. But just like humans, each dog has its characteristics as well. Different breeds have different builds and physical abilities. While some are solely meant to be pets, others are intended to do more serious physical activities like racing.

Listed below are some dog breeds frequently seen in dog races for their speed and skills:


Greyhounds, without a doubt, make a perfect addition to families. These dogs are known for their calm and gentle nature and are also tolerant of being handled. But apart from being house dogs, Greyhounds are also built to be good race dogs.

Their skinny form and long, muscular legs make them one of the most aerodynamic dog breeds. They are also known for having great endurance, making them perfect to be runners.

But because Greyhounds are the most common racing dog, they are often most subjected to abuse. Irresponsible breeders usually treat Greyhound puppies poorly if they are not seen to have the potential for racing.

German Shepherd

Another dog breed that does well as a house pet and a dog racer is the German Shepherd (GSD). Known for their intelligence and active yet gentle demeanor, they make a perfect dog for families or individuals that are usually on the go. German Shepherds are also popular for being one of the most commonly used K-9 unit dogs.

GSDs are built with muscular bodies with speed and strength, making them effective race dogs. They also have an extremely high prey drive, which helps them focus and finish their races.

Border Collie

Known for their energetic, even-tempered, and eager-to-please attitude, Border Collies are one of the dog breeds that would make a perfect house dog. This breed can get along with children and other pets as long as they are properly introduced.

These characteristics also make Border Collies to be great dogs for racing. Their agility is one of their most advantageous traits that keeps them in tip-top shape for racing. However, their long hair often becomes the reason why they are weighed down compared to other dog breeds.

Fortunately, their aerodynamic forms help them in the running. Border Collies are also easy to train and do well in obedience classes.


With their unique spots and athletic bodies, Dalmatians are undoubtedly one of the best dog breeds. They are famous for being firehouse dogs. But more than that, they also make excellent racing dogs. Because of their extremely high energy, Dalmatians are known for their speed and abilities in hunting, guarding, and racing.

Like the breeds mentioned above, Dalmatians also have incredible endurance that keeps them going during the race. They are also popular for their alert, athletic, energetic, and active nature. The muscular build of Dalmatians also enables them to run up to 59 kilometers per hour.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are known for their strong bite, which makes people scared of them. However, some people do not know that Dobermans are gentle and have a stable temperament. They are sweet and affectionate, especially if they are appropriately trained.

Furthermore, this dog breed has sleek, short coats enabling it to be aerodynamic for racing. Doberman Pinschers also find it easy and enjoyable to socialize and meet new people and dogs, allowing them to get along on the track well.

Doberman Pinschers are also known for their intelligence. Hence, training them to race is relatively easy. Outside racing, they can be excellent guard dogs.

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