What Sports Can You Bet Through Singapore Pools

What Sports Can You Bet Through Singapore Pools

Sports betting continues to gain popularity among punters and bettors in Singapore. But, with its sustained reputation in providing bettors with a thrilling experience and an opportunity to make a profit, the activity is regulated in Singapore by the Common Gaming Act and the Betting Act.

Consequently, Singaporeans can legally bet on sports through two domestic operators: Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. Here are the three major sports on which punters can place a Singapore Pools online bet:

Horse Racing

Horse racing has maintained its popularity in the sports betting industry. The abundance of horse racing events has been accounted as one of the reasons why it continues to gain momentum even in Singapore online betting landscape. Bookmakers are able to offer a broad range of betting markets, thereby, allowing bettors to have more options for their horse race betting activities.

Punters can wager on major events happening yearly, including:

  • Singapore Gold Cup
  • Malaysian Derby
  • US’ Triple Crown Series
  • Australia’s Melbourne Cup Carnival and The Championships
  • Britain’s Royal Ascot Carnival
  • Dubai’s World Cup Carnival
  • New Zealand’s Derby and Cup Day

Furthermore, they can also bet on daily horse racing events held locally and internationally. Punters can watch horse racing events organised in Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, UK, Hong Kong, and France.



Football is another sport that maintains popularity among fans and bettors in Singapore. With the multiple football events organised by football leagues worldwide, punters are provided with a wide variety of betting markets and football matches to bet on.

Singapore Pools offers betting markets for local and international soccer matches. Below are some of the popular events that many punters anticipate watching and betting on:

England – English League Champ, English Premier, and English League One

Germany – German League

Italy – Italian League / Italian Serie A

Spain – Spanish League / Spanish La Liga

France – French League

Holland – Dutch League

India – Indian S League

Europe – UE Champions

Southeast Asia – ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Championship

International Tournament – FIFA World Cup



Motorsports is another popular sport among sports enthusiasts in Singapore. There are also plenty of races and events organised locally and internationally that bettors can wager on.

Singapore Pools offers betting markets for big events, including Formula 1, MotoGP, NASCAR, and the World Rally Championship. Furthermore, bettors can also bet on rally cars and dirt bikes, depending on their preference.

Here are some of the betting markets available for motorsport betting:

Bet Type Description
Race Winner – Driver A bet on which driver will win the race.
Race Winner – Team A bet on the team who is expected to win the race.
To Qualify in Pole – Driver A bet on which driver will be announced as qualifying in pole position.
Fastest Lap A bet on which driver will record the fastest lap in the race.
Dual Forecast A bet on a pair of named drivers will finish in the top two positions of a race.
Head to Head (HTH) – Driver (Race) A bet on the driver with the higher finishing position or the driver who completes the most laps in the race.
Head to Head (HTH) – Team (Race) A bet on the team with the better-placed Classified driver.
Head to Head (HTH) – Driver (Qualifying) A bet on the driver who will have the higher finishing position at the end of the qualifying session.
Head to Head (HTH) – Team (Qualifying) A bet on the team with the driver with the highest finishing position at the end of the qualifying session.


Singapore Pools offers a wide variety of betting options for soccer, motorsports, and horse racing enthusiasts. With various international and local sports to bet on, Singapore Pools is a great way for Singaporeans to get in on the action.

Moreover, Singaporeans can also bet on international websites like 88ProBet that continue to offer their services in the country. Strategise and try your hand at Singapore Pools live match and pre-match betting at 88ProBet. Register on our website to start your sports betting journey.