eSports Games to Bet On -

eSports Games to Bet On

The eSports community in Southeast Asia has been thriving in recent years, thanks to more and more people seeing the sector’s potential as a legitimate career path. Those who enjoy various eSports games can become either professional players or coaches, enabling them to compete in multiple local and international tournaments.
Furthermore, this opened new doors for the gambling industry to offer more betting markets to seasoned and rookie punters. eSports fans who also like online betting in Singapore can now place stakes on their favourite games, teams, and players. Various Singapore online betting platforms provide numerous eSports betting options that can add layers of excitement to every tournament.
And if you are new to esports betting and are looking to test your luck in this market, then here are some of the top games to bet on in 2023.

League of Legends
Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games have always been popular in the eSports scene, and League of Legends (LoL) has been one of the most watched games for years. In 2022, LoL accumulated more than 600 million hours of watch time, with the finals of the World Championship getting a new record for peak viewers at 5.1 million.
Although it may look complicated at first, the technicalities of LoL are easy to learn. Two teams of five members pick their own “champions” and compete on a map known as the Summoner’s Rift. Their main goal is to destroy the enemy team’s “nexus,” which is the last line of protection from a team’s base.
One of the ideal betting lines in LoL for bettors is picking who will win a series or tournament, and most sportsbooks offer excellent odds for this market. But there are other great betting options, such as who will get the first kill or which team will destroy the first turret.

Another well-known eSports genre is first-person tactical shooting, and on top of that, in recent years, is Valorant. A team of five competes on different maps, with their primary goals either eliminating all five enemies or finishing the tasks assigned to them. Despite only being released in 2020, it is not among the most popular team-based shooting eSports discipline, garnering over 280 million watch hours in 2022.
With Valorant becoming more popular in the gaming world, it is expected that Valorant betting will also grow moving forward. There is a remarkable range of markets for various tournaments that gamblers can bet on, and some prominent options include predicting the correct score and the player with the most kills or assists.

Another beloved MOBA game is DOTA 2, considered the world’s most prominent and wealthiest eSports discipline. The winner of the recently concluded TI 11, Tundra Esports, bagged a whopping $8 518 800, which is not even the most significant winning by a champions team in DOTA 2’s history. And even if DOTA 2 lags in viewership, many bookmakers still offer DOTA 2 markets because of its reputation in the gaming sector.
The game’s objectives and format are the same as League of Legends, so knowing either of the two can open up many other markets you can bet on. You can find a variety of betting lines between these two games, and the right strategy can help you take home massive profit.

Ready to Play?
With the eSports scene continually growing, betting on the top eSports discipline can be a game changer for many bettors. LoL, Valorant, and DOTA 2 have been at the top of the betting world for years, with numerous sportsbooks offering great odds. But other games like CS: GO, Fortnite, and FIFA can also be valuable options.
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