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Reasons Why You Keep Losing in Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game offered in live casino Singapore. It has a lower house edge than other casino games; thus, many gamblers prefer to play this for real money. However, it is difficult to determine its winning Singapore Pools odds as each casino has unique strategies.

Losing is inevitable in the gambling industry, especially if you are a novice gambler. Even if you devote all your time and money to strategies, there will be reasons why you keep losing in blackjack.

Despite having sufficient experience and knowledge about the game, gamblers still fall for wrong strategies and keep losing at the blackjack tables. They also make mistakes that affect their chances of winning. This article will teach you other possible reasons why you keep losing in blackjack.


Not Checking the Tables’ Rules

It is a common error to take the first available seat at a blackjack table. You have to remember that not all blackjack games follow the same rules. Some rules favour players, particularly when the dealer must remain on soft 17 or when the player can double down after splitting. On the other hand, other rules favour the house by paying a blackjack 6 to 5 or limiting doubling to 10 or 11. The difference between the table rules can affect your winning odds and is crucial when you play blackjack for real money.

Most dealers will only show you the way to these favourable tables if you have been given an invitation. Thus, checking the table rules before sitting down is essential. Make sure you choose the right table where you can maximise your gambling strategies to avoid a losing streak.


Ignoring the Basic Blackjack Strategy

Unlike slots and roulette, blackjack is not a random chance game. It has been studied and played by players who take advantage of their skills and strategies to determine the best winning play. You should not only base your gambling decisions on gut feeling or intuition. Leveraging our knowledge of the game’s rules and probabilities is paramount to increasing your chances of winning.

Knowing the basic strategies will also show you the right play for the winning cards. You can use different blackjack strategy charts, such as the basic strategy chart, double deck chart, and single deck basic chart, to win the game. To give you a reference, below is the basic blackjack strategy chart you can use for your physical and online blackjack play.


However, other players overlook these strategies and refuse to study the game. Some of their reasons include the following:


a belief that a strategy is ineffective;

relying too much on luck;

bad experiences or results from past strategies; and

over complacent.


Getting Into the Insurance Bet Trap

Blackjack surrender and insurance are sometimes helpful for online players. While they are unique bets you have to lose, you can use them to maintain a substantial bankroll. However, insurance bets exploit the risk-averse tendencies of many people. Although it might seem like a good idea, deeper analysis shows it isn’t worth the money.


You lose your insurance bet if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack. But you can still play out your original wager. The ace gives dealers the advantage over you even though they don’t possess a 10-point second card. This puts you at a disadvantage in the first bet.


You Don’t Understand the Game

Each blackjack hand you play has an ideal way to maximise your return. Ordinary blackjack players tend to trust their instincts. Conversely, a smart blackjack player knows there is only one way to play each hand if they want the best return.

The blackjack strategy should be based entirely on the returns and odds. You have an equal chance to draw any card from the deck or in the shoe over time. The best play offers the highest average return. Past gamblers used computers to calculate the numbers and devised the perfect strategy. Besides, all you have to do is create a chart and then use it.


Freebies for Winning Gamblers

Many say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, which also applies at a casino. Casinos are not naive; they know blackjack players who develop a rhythm can break the bank. Therefore, dealers will make every effort to disrupt that pattern. Expect the employees to provide complimentary drinks, food, and other services when you are at the tables, especially if you are on a winning run.


These freebies can give you distractions during the game. While it might be tempting to open a bottle of alcoholic beverages, it is not in your best interest. If you are drunk, there is a probability that you will make bad gambling decisions. You are also more prone to act impulsively and exceed your pre-set limitations when intoxicated. As you start playing blackjack, you risk real money; hence, you must be as wise as possible to avoid losing everything.


Not Using the Advantage Play

The advantage play is one of the few ways to beat casinos over the long term. It would be best if you understand how to use it to win and make a memorable blackjack winning experience. Additionally, advantage play results in more wins than losses, especially if you know how to use it correctly. Here are some examples of advantage play:


Card Counting

Card counting is the primary way to get an advantage in blackjack. In this play, you will need to assign a value to every card. Then, keep a ” running count” by adding or subtracting every card you see. Calculate your true count per deck and change your bets when it rises. Most blackjack players think it is challenging to understand, but it’s not. It just necessitates a lot of effort to work effectively in the game.


Edge Sorting

At the blackjack table, you are not allowed to mark your cards. However, cards can have irregularities during play. Players who can identify essential sets of cards, which includes 10s and aces, will have the edge over the dealer and can take 3 to 2 payout.


Hole Carding

Hole carding allows players to see card value that is supposed to be hidden. To do this, you must sit to the dealer’s left if the dealer is right-handed. Conversely, if the dealer is a lefty, you should sit to the dealer’s right. When the dealer peels the card up, you need to spot the card’s value and use it to your advantage to win. However, you must act naturally, especially when trying to see the hole cards.


Asking the Casino Dealer for Winning Strategies

New players will need clarification and seek the dealer’s instructions while playing. However, even if the dealer has the noblest intentions, this is a terrible action.

There is a prescribed technique for dealers to engage with clients and players at the table. If you want an explanation of the table’s rules, you should ask the dealer before the game. But, never question the dealer about winning methods or possibilities. The casino may also use your questions to know your next move and defeat you.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the dealer is not your friend. They are performing their job to entertain you while also generating revenue for themselves and the casino.


Falling Into the 6-5 Blackjack Game

A 6-5 game refers to the payoff percentage related to the amount wagered. These odds are dreadful for you, as they increase the house edge to 1.39 percent. Other wagers are much worse and nearly guarantee that you will end up with less money than you started. When proposing these odds, casinos take advantage of gamblers’ naivety, so do not fall for it.


Where Can You Play Blackjack Online

If you keep losing in online casino games like blackjack, it is time to reassess your gambling activities and strategies. You can also try betting on other platforms to gain more experience and knowledge. It is advisable to look for betting sites that provide excellent betting services while encouraging you to make informed betting decisions.


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