7 Common Roulette Mistakes to Avoid -

7 Common Roulette Mistakes to Avoid

Roulette is one of the most thrilling and straightforward table games in live casino Singapore. It requires skill, strategy, and luck, offering casino players a great chance to win money.

Over the years, roulette has become the ideal gambling activity for novice players. Because it is the most accessible casino game to learn, individuals consider this as their stepping stone to succeed in the gambling industry.

However, it is inevitable for beginners to experience several roulette mistakes, especially if they lack knowledge about the game. Even the most experienced players must know these errors to avoid bankruptcy and other gambling problems. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid to make your gambling experience fun and profitable:


Playing American Roulette

Before playing roulette, the first thing to do is to determine the difference between European and American Roulette. These two gaming styles can affect your gambling success in the long run. A version with the lowest house edge can get you more chances of winning.

In European roulette, there is a Single Zero (0) and numbers 1 to 36. On the other hand, American roulette comprises 36 numbered slots, a single zero (0), and a double zero (00).

The Double Zero (00) in American roulette shifts the winning odds in favour of the casino. It means if you put your chips on a single value, you have a one in 38 chance of receiving the desired outcome. Conversely, you will have a one in 37 chance of winning in European roulette. These have a significant impact on the house edge.

European roulette has a 2.7% house edge, while American roulette can go more than 5.26%. Thus, playing European roulette is better to prevent the casino from winning the game.


Not Managing Your Bankroll

Roulette can give you the most exciting and memorable casino experience. Because it is easy to gamble and win money at a roulette table, you can forget to manage and set your bankroll. Consequently, you might lose your hard-earned profit and experience extreme stress and anxiety.

One way to avoid this is to set a gambling budget. Knowing your priority and sticking to it when managing your gambling funds is essential. You need to bet according to your bankroll limit and avoid pulling out extra money because of losing streaks. Learn also to quit the roulette table when you are out of chips.

Unaware of Betting Options

Roulette requires good strategies to place a winning bet. If you are unaware of its betting options, you might lose your chances to earn a significant profit. Participating in a roulette game without fully understanding its betting types is a risky and costly mistake.

Roulette bets are split into two categories: Inside Bets and Outside Bets.

Inside Bets

In this bet, players wage on numbers 0 to 36 inside the roulette wheel. While it offers a high payout, an inside bet is unsuitable for rookie bettors and those who want to avoid significant risks because high payouts reduce the chances of winnings. Players can explore various types of inside bets, including:

Single Number Ber

Split Bet

Street Bet

Square Bet

Six Line Bet

Snake Bet

Outside Bets

Outside bets, known as coin flip bets, are closest to the bettors. It offers a smaller payout than inside bets. Players can bet simultaneously on several numbers, giving them better-winning odds. They can also maximise their profit using different types of outside bets, such as: Column Bet

Dozen Bet

High or Low Bet

Red or Black Bet

Odd or Even Bet

It is easier for players to maximise their winning potential if they know the basics of the game. Understanding the different roulette betting types will make avoiding risks and gaining potential earnings in the casino easier. As such, you will gain an advantage over your opponents.


Relying on a Single Betting System

There is no shortage of betting systems in the roulette game. You can explore betting methods and determine what works best for you. However, most players fear trying other betting systems because of possible significant risks.

While there is no problem with using a single betting system, it becomes a concern when you rely on it, even if it is not working anymore. In reality, no single roulette system assures profitability in every season.

To become a successful roulette player, you must be versatile and perform multiple basic systems. Working on different betting systems and strategies is advisable to maximise your knowledge and improve your betting skills.


Betting With Extreme Emotions

Bettors often get too emotional when placing their bets. You can relate to this, especially when making decisions during losing streaks. While it is part of the game, you must ensure these emotions will not affect your gameplay.

Emotions can hinder your rational judgment. When this happens, you are susceptible to chasing losses and impulsive betting. It would help if you focused on utilisng betting strategies to win money.

Showing Off Your Wealth

While showing off your wealth can threaten your opponents, it does not work the same way with casino employees. Croupiers and attendants know how to look for “big shots” and will do anything to keep their power on the table.

For instance, if you have $10,000 in your bag, it is best to start your play with $4,000 worth of chips and keep the remaining away from the casino employee’s sight. This way, you can avoid being in the spotlight.

Staying out of the spotlight will help you focus on your winning gameplay. The goal is not to become an easy target of the croupiers as they know you have a large sum of money to bet. When playing roulette, you need to protect your wealth and bankroll.

Believing in Gambling Myths

Myths and misconceptions are prevalent in the gambling industry. Although there is nothing wrong with believing in them, it becomes a mistake once you apply them to your gameplay.

Gambling success comes from strategisng and mastering the game. You cannot achieve it overnight or by relying on symbols and numerology. There are no magical and lucky numbers on the roulette table.

The secret of winning is the effective strategies and necessary skills to compete against opponents. Additionally, consulting veteran bettors will help you learn more from their experiences and techniques.



If you want to become a successful roulette player in the industry, you must avoid repeating mistakes. The lesser the mistakes, the higher the chances of winning. However, they are part of your gambling experience. It is essential to consider what you learn and apply them to your future casino games.

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