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Strategies for Successful Toto Betting

Lottery games have been a part of many cultures for centuries, and the draw of that anticipation remains today. The main reason these gambling activities continue to prosper even in the modern era is the potential to hit lottery jackpots and change their fortune overnight.

Singapore TOTO is among the many jackpot lottery games prevalent in the country. This game offers gamblers entertainment, excitement, and a chance to dream about the possibilities that come with striking it lucky.


What is Singapore TOTO?

Singapore TOTO is a lottery game established by the Government of Singapore to curtail illegal gambling activities in the country in the 1960s.

It only makes use of 49 numbers (1 to 49) and draws six winning numbers plus one additional bonus number that can increase a bettor’s prize options. Players must bet on six numbers and match at least three to the winning numbers to win this lottery game.


Singapore TOTO Strategies

Like other lottery games, TOTO results are completely random, and the odds of winning prizes vary. The probability of winning the first prize jackpot is generally low — 1 in 13,983,816. Equally, the odds of winning any prizes are 1 in 54.

But while the probability of winning prizes, most specifically the jackpot, is low, punters can implement strategies to improve their chances of winning.

Pure luck is one way to win any TOTO lottery games, but another way to beat them is by using knowledge of trends and patterns on numbers. Here are a few of the strategies that can help increase winning chances on TOTO:

Select Odd-Even Numbers

Drawing all-odd numbers or all-even numbers as winning numbers rarely happen. Hence, a relatively even mix of odd and even numbers can help increase the chances of winning in TOTO. Here are the best ratios to use when selecting TOTO numbers to bet on:

2:4 – two odds and four even

4:2 – four odds and two even

3:3 – three odds and three even

Consider High-Low Numbers

Just like all-odd or all-even numbers are rarely selected in one TOTO draw, all-high and-low numbers are also improbable. Drawn winning numbers are typically spread across the entire 1 to 49 number field.

Therefore, mixing a good ratio of high and low numbers is a good strategy to improve the chances of winning. When implementing this strategy, gamblers must note that numbers 1 to 24 are in the low half and 25 to 49 are in the high half.

The best ratio mixes of high and low numbers are:

2:4 – two low and four high

4:2 – four low and two high

3:3 – three low and three high

Track Winning and Losing Numbers

In this strategy, bettors need to study past TOTO results and determine the numbers that are more likely and less likely to be drawn in the next draws. Numbers drawn consistently for seven draws are hot numbers; meanwhile, numbers that have not been drawn for seven draws straight are loser numbers.

The general thinking is that bettors must select hot numbers and avoid loser numbers in the past seven draws to improve the probability of winning in the next draw. But loser numbers have as much of a chance of winning as hot numbers; thereby, these should not wholly be excluded on a bettor’s preferred six numbers for a TOTO draw ticket. The ideal practice is to choose five hot numbers and one loser number when betting in TOTO.

Where to Bet on TOTO Online?

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