Different Horse Race Betting Systems -

Different Horse Race Betting Systems

Horse racing is among the favourites of Singaporean bettors, next to football. Betting on this sport is quite straightforward and it offers incredible prizes as well.

Apart from learning the basics of horse race betting, punters can also up their game to increase their chances of making a profit from their online horse racing betting Singapore activities. And among the ways to do this is by implementing effective strategies.

Employing a strategy is among the most important practices that bettors need to consider when partaking in any betting activity. It is what sets apart professional and profitable bettors from novices and punters who keep on losing in horse race betting.

Leveraging betting systems is among the strategies that bettors can implement to increase their profitability. Here are some of the horse race betting systems they can utilise:

The 80/20 System

The 80/20 system is derived from the Pareto Principle, which has become popular across different fields, including the betting industry. The Pareto Principle stipulates that approximately 80% of efforts come from 20% of the causes for various outcomes.

This system is used as a betting strategy that manipulates a bettor’s bankroll and wagering habits. In essence, in the 80/20 rule, bettors should focus 80% of their bankroll on the 20% of the most profitable bet types, and the remaining 20% of their bankroll can be spent on experimenting with wagering on new betting markets.

On the aspect of wagering habits, bettors can use the 80/20 system in two ways:

Bet 20% of their stake on the horse they think will win the race and bet the remaining 80% on the same horse to finish second or third in the race.

Bet 80% of their stake on the favorite runner or the horse they think will win first place and bet the remaining 20% on the underdog or other runners with a high payout if it wins a spot in the top three placements.



The Place Laying System


The place laying system is another horse race betting system that punters can employ to maximise their potential of making a profit from their betting activities. In this betting system, they essential are engaging in lay betting, which involves the placement of a bet to back an event not to happen – the best horse in the race will not win or achieve any spot except the first.

Using this horse race betting system, bettors must look for weaknesses instead of strengths. As the likelihood of a favourite winning a race is relatively higher than them losing, it would somehow not make sense to bet against that outcome. However, to make this betting system work, punters must find a “weak favourite.”

In the place laying betting system, bettors can exploit incorrect odd lines and prices and leverage their analysis of previous horse and jockey performances and overall condition. It is worth remembering that in sportsbook betting, bookmakers are in charge of pricing each race participant according to their acumen. And sometimes, their analysis of a race participant or calculation of odds is wrong, resulting in incorrect pricing.


The Dutch Betting System


The Dutch betting system is a great horse race betting strategy for mathematically inclined bettors. It involves betting on more than one race participant in the same race.

In this horse race betting system, bettors have to put out a significant amount of stake, divide them into smaller units and bet them on their chosen horses in the race. If one of the horses they bet on wins, they will receive a payout that typically covers the initial bet investment and the profit.

Dutch betting is not only limited to equally betting on different horses in one race; it can also extend to bettors placing a significant amount of stake on the favourite and a small wager on the race participant with the lowest price. In this strategy, punters can earn a profit by betting on the horse that is expected to win while also having a stake in the horse that has weaker odds but has a higher payout.


Apart from placing bets equally on different horses, another kind of Dutch betting strategy is putting a huge amount of stake on the favourite horse and a small amount on the underdog that has the lowest odd price.


The Yankee System

The Yankee strategy is named after a U.S. soldier that took home a fortune after winning all of his 11 wagers. This betting system involves placing 11 wagers with the same value on four different horses.

In this horse racing betting system, bettors will place a bet from multiple selections, specifically:

Six (6) doubles – a double bet consists of two horse selections that only win when both horses win.

Four (4) trebles – a treble bet consists of three horse participant selections and all of which must win for the bet to win.

One (1) four-fold accumulator – a four-fold wager consists of a bet on four horses to place first, second, third, and fourth in any order.


Pick 6 Horse Racing Betting System

This betting system is among the most popular strategies among horse racing bettors as it allows them to spread their bets across multiple racing events, increasing their chances of winning.

In Pick 6, bettors can place a bet on the outcomes of six consecutive races from the same track and on the same day. They need to guess whether a horse wins or finishes in a place. Moreover, bettors do not need to win all six legs of the bet, but they can get a decent return on their wager if at least four of their selections win.


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