Everything You Should Know about Grand National 2023

Everything You Should Know about Grand National 2023

Horse racing is one of the most notable sports in Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. Punters have been participating in different horse racing events to cheer on their favourite horses and bet on them to earn extra profit. Most are now excited for the Grand National 2023, one of the largest and most anticipated annual horse racing events worldwide.

The Grand National is a national horse race held yearly in Liverpool, England. It has been the most-watched and wagered horse racing event as it gives thrills and entertainment to punters.

Additionally, the Grand National is a handicap steeplechase with 40 horses jumping 30 fences over two circuits. If you are new to horse racing betting Singapore and want to learn about the upcoming Grand National 2023, here are things you should know:


What is Grand National 2023?

The Grand National has captured the hearts of many bettors since its first run in 1839. It involves a global audience of more than 500 million people from different countries.


After the community lockdowns and postponements of physical events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this iconic horse racing event is back, offering betting opportunities and entertainment to people.


In 2023, the Grand National will be held at Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool, England. It will be the highlight of Aintree’s three-day Grand National Event, which will run from April 13 to April 15, 2023.


Horses and jockeys in the Grand National 2023 are expected to go to their posts on April 15 at 5:15 PM, the conventional tea-time slot of the event. The dress code for the event has been dropped; hence, the racegoers are allowed to wear whatever clothes they feel most at ease.


How Are Horses Picked for the Grand National?

The Grand National organizers have set specific criteria for horses aspiring to participate in the event. Below are some of the qualifications they must have:


Official Rating (OR) of more than 125;
must be seven years old or older;
have finished three or more steeplechases;
have accomplished one steeplechase in the present season; and,have placed between 1st and 4th in a steeplechase competition over 2 miles with 7½ furlongs or further.


2023 Grand National Horse Favourites

As a punter, you aim to bet on the winning horses to maximise your profit. However, it is challenging to pick the right one, especially if you are a novice.

Betting odds is one of the best ways to increase your chances of earning money. Here are the 2023 Grand National horse favourites, along with their profiles and winning odds:


No. 41 – Corach Rambler 

Corach Rambler won the 2022 Ultima Handicap Chase at Cheltenham. It started its season in a decent form and is expected to succeed in the 2023 Grand National.


Age: 9

Weight: 10-05

Form: 4U1 – 54

Trainer: L. Russel

Betting Odds: 7/1

No. 4 – Noble yeats

Noble yeats was the winner of the 2022 Grand National – the first 7-year-old horse to win the race since 1940. There are high hopes to repeat the winning moment in the 2023 Grand National.


Age: 8

Weight 11 – 11

Form: 1-P113

Trainer: E. Mullins

Betting Odds: 8/1

No. 19 – Gaillard Du Mesnil

Gaillard Du Mesnila is a second-season novice with a Grade One form. This form is the highest horse profile in racing events. Gaillard finished third in the 2022 Irish National at Cheltenham.


Age: 7

Weight: 11 – 00

Form: 333-21

Trainer: W. Mullins

Betting Odds: 10/1

No. 44 – Mr. Incredible 

Mr. Incredible is known for his strong stamina, finishing second at Warwick. It rested last summer and has returned this season.

Age: 7

Weight: 10 – 04

Form: 2RP – B2

Trainer: W. Mullins

Betting Odds: 12/1

No. 3 – Conflated

Conflated is a high-quality chaser from Gordon Elliot. It won the Savills Chase at Leopardstown and is expected to proceed to the Cheltenham festival for the Gold Cup and Ryanair Chase.

Age: 9

Weight: 11 – 12

Form: 1F2-31

Trainer: G. Elliott

Betting Odds: 12/1

No. 11 – Delta Work

Delta Work has performed a stunning run to win the 2022 Glecfarclas Chase at Cheltenham. It participated in Aintree, finishing third with a 10/1 shot. Despite not being the winner, he showed excellent stamina during the race.

Age: 10

Weight: 11 – 04

Form: 613-13

Trainer: G. Elliott

Betting Odds: 14/1

How to Predict the Winning Horses in The Grand National 2023?

Betting predictions are essential in making informed decisions. This information helps you identify which horses can win the race. As such, you can make the right bets and acquire prizes.

Professional bettors eyeing the Grand National consider various factors to determine if a specific horse is likely to win the race. Sometimes, it is better to assess the quality of the horse rather than relying entirely on the Grand National favourites.



When betting on horses, age is one of the critical factors to consider. The Grand National confirms that the peak age for a racehorse is between nine and eleven years old.

Younger horses tend to be swifter than their older counterparts. They also have better stamina to finish the race. On the other hand, older horses produce a better record in the race. They are more experienced in making difficult jumps in the Grand National.


The horse’s weight is an essential statistical factor in the racing event. Adding weights to horses is vital to produce winnings for punters. Typically, the jockey, their equipment, and the weights strapped to the horses’ saddles contribute to the horse’s official ratings (OR).

Additionally, the Grand National uses a handicap weights. It means that the lower-rated horses carry lesser pounds than the higher-rated opponents. If a horse has a lower weight than their rivals, their odds will decrease. Conversely, those horses with higher weights have a better strike rate and advantage in the race.

When predicting what horse will win in the Grand National, you should know their handicap weights or official ratings. You can also determine their performance by looking at their race class.


Screenshot-2023-03-24 083908

For instance, a runner might successfully finish the race in Class 5 company, but if he joins Class 4, he might lose the match. The handicap system ensures that the horse’s winning chances will not be compromised by racing in unmatch class.


The form refers to a horse’s execution in previous races. It is an excellent way to predict a horse’s future performance. When you see a race card, you will notice a line of numbers with corresponding finishing positions or abbreviations. You can see the oldest races on the left and the latest on the right.

Here are the following symbols and abbreviations you should know when studying the horse’s form:
Screenshot-2023-03-24 084525

Previous Performance

It is a plus factor if a horse can perform in high-class races like the Grand National Fences and Welsh Grand National. Performance statistics and winning records are highly beneficial in predicting which horse will win.

If you determine that a horse has shown exemplary performance in previous competitions, you can be confident it will win in the following horse racing events.


As the 2023 Grand National approaches, you should familiarise yourself with effective horse race betting strategies to maximise your chances of winning. Wagering on odd lines that match Singapore Pools betting odds is an excellent opportunity to gain money, meet other well-known punters, and improve your betting skills.

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