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How to Improve Odds in Horse Betting

In Singapore, horse betting is only legal in exempted operators, such as Singapore Pools and Singapore Turfs Club. Yet, bettors can still take their chances on the Singapore horse racing odds from licensed online casinos and foreign bookmarkers.


Many offshore gambling operators offer generous odds that bettors cannot find locally, not to mention the fantastic prizes to earn. Individuals aged 18 at minimum are also allowed to wager for horse racing and other sports and play different casino games.


Some might say that betting on horses is easy as bettors only need to guess the horse to finish first. However, luck is not enough to sustain a winning streak, as achieving consecutive wins is close to impossible.




With that in mind, bettors serious about bagging the jackpot must punt based on informed decisions. For beginners in horse racing, here are some ways to increase the odds of winning:


Be Smart and Disciplined in Managing the Bankroll

Bankroll is the money bettors risk losing and using in betting. Managing it correctly and with discipline is the first step in improving a bettor’s winning chances in Singapore horse racing online betting.


Losing is typical in betting, but people keep on placing bets. At worst, they recklessly double their bets to get back the losses. Some might also believe that a different outcome will happen after consecutive defeats, called the “gambler’s fallacy”. This tendency reinforces the bettor’s irrational thinking to bet uncontrollably, only to lose again.


Establishing bankroll rules is crucial for bettors to control themselves. Bettors must only bet on their financial capacity, separating money for betting while saving the rest for other expenses.


Research and Get Informed

Speed is not the only factor determining the final results of a horse race. It could also include weather conditions, jockey, type of track, and more. Given these factors, bettors should always stay informed.


Research can help understand the probability of a horse winning the race. It does not guarantee 100 per cent success but can give bettors an idea of how the horse fared in its previous competition.


Moreover, reviewing the horse’s racing history is vital to know its average winning percentage. Watching and analysing horse races also provides relevant data and comments about each horse’s performance.


Getting oneself informed eliminates the chances of falling to lock bets easily. A lock bet is a horse that bettors believe has the highest probability of topping the race. However, horse racing and sports are unpredictable, making locks impossible every time. The same applies when betting is based on gut feelings and assumptions only.


Bettors should learn that each race is different. It takes time and effort in research to make detailed and statistic-based guesses.


Bet on Multiple Horses

Betting on multiple horses reduces the potential losses and increases the bettor’s payout if successful. This strategy produces favourable outcomes if the bettor is confident, mainly because of the necessary research.


Bettors can opt for vertical wagers or quinella bet to place multiple bets.


Vertical Wager

Also known as vertical exotic bets, vertical wagers vary from exacta (top two), trifecta (top three), and superfecta (top four). For each vertical bet, bettors must correctly predict the finishing order of horses to win.


Boxing vertical wagers make winning chances better as bettors can play all the possible finishing order combinations for chosen horses. In boxing an exacta, bettors win if their horses finish first or second regardless of the final positioning. It also applies to trifecta and superfecta but with more horses to pick, which depends on the bettor’s preference as the cost differs.



The quinella costs less than the boxed exacta, but both let bettors choose two horses to cross the finish line first or second in any order. Despite being slightly expensive, some prefer boxing their exacta bet as it earns a higher profit than the quinella.


As a reminder: no research, do not try this betting option.



These tips can only improve a bettor’s winning odds in horse betting, not bring assured wins. Beginners need to learn the basics and formulate their game plan from it. Besides, be patient and accept that losing in gambling is natural.


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