Online Sports Betting: The Advantages and Disadvantages -

Online Sports Betting: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Sports betting has been gaining popularity across countries, including Singapore, where people love sports and gambling. Football, tennis, and motor racing are among the sports Singaporean bettors love to watch and wager on.

However, many sporting events have been postponed or canceled as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause a stir worldwide, leaving several punters with limited or no live sports matches to go to or to bet on. Gamblers’ mobility has also been restricted as many casinos, and gaming clubs were closed during the lockdowns. Due to this, many have resorted to place their bets on online sports betting platforms on continuing their sports betting career, earn money, and experience the thrill of wagering on the sports they love.

Like other entertainment activities, sports gambling has its advantages and disadvantages. Bettors need to learn the pros and cons of gambling to have realistic expectations of what could play out before placing bets and wagering on sports. It will also help them create a strategy on how they must approach their gambling habits to stay disciplined and improve their chances of winning big.

Online Sports Betting: The Advantages and Disadvantages


Aside from the entertainment and profiteering opportunities, people bet on sports matches online because of these reasons:

Comfort and convenience

In this modern era, people choose to do most of their activities online, including gambling. Bettors enjoy online sports gambling because of its convenience and accessibility, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, where casinos and gaming clubs have either closed their doors or put a limit on the people who can access their services.

Betting on sports online gives bettors the freedom to bet on their favorite sport and team without leaving their home’s comfort. Online sports betting sites also allow punters access to an extensive array of betting markets at any time they want than traditional betting, where they can only access the betting market when the casinos are open.

Easy to get started

It is easy for sports bettors to get started with betting online as they are only required to register on a sportsbook. There are a couple of sites that offer sports betting in Kenya and Singapore they can choose from. Punters need to select a trustworthy and reliable sportsbook to ensure an outstanding sports betting experience.

Payment options

Another advantage of betting online is that bettors can use various payment platforms. Numerous betting websites offer several deposit methods, such as the use of e-wallets, credit cards, and bank wire transfer. With an array of deposit options, punters do not have to worry about how to make a deposit for their online sports betting.

A wide array of games to bet on

Bettors have access to extensive and unlimited betting options with online sports betting. Besides live sports betting, punters also have the chance to bet on other categories of sports betting, such as e-sports betting, virtual sports betting, and sports sim betting. Gamblers are also given access to various sports to bet on, including basketball, baseball, cricket, tennis, and motor racing.

Easy access to online betting websites across the world

Bettors can easily access online betting platforms because they are on the internet. Singaporeans can access online sportsbooks in the country, which are run by domestic operators. Still, they are also given a choice to place wagers on foreign online bookies if their local betting sites do not offer the market they want to bet on.


As much as bettors are encouraged by the advantages of online sports betting, there are a couple of disadvantages that hinder them from registering on online sportsbooks and placing wagers. Here are a few of the drawbacks of online sports betting:

Betting can be addictive

Like gambling at casinos and gaming clubs, online sports betting can be addictive, mainly because it can be conveniently accessed through people’s smartphones or computers. Many bettors are encouraged to place wagers on sports matches because they think they have a chance to win big, mainly when they are employing strategies that improve their chances of winning a bet.

Bettors do not always win.

In betting, people need to have an open mind and know that they will not always win when betting on sports matches. There will be times where bettors will win, and other times, they will experience losses. Many punters tend to get discouraged when they lose on a bet and, in turn, stop betting on sports events.

You can lose money in betting.

Many bettors know that the odds are not in their favor; hence, they weigh their chances for a big win before placing a wager. Several gamblers who have sports betting strategies that they think will help them increase their chances of winning a significant sum of money will take the risk and place bets. In contrast, some people do not feel comfortable that they may lose money in sports betting. People can lose money quickly when betting. Thus, placing wagers should not only depend on the punter’s chance of winning. Instead, it should also depend on their budget.

A lot of people see gambling as an activity where people mostly lose money than gain some cash. This is because various gamblers do not know how to manage their bankroll for gambling or, worse, do not have bankroll management at all. In some scenarios, people who chase their losses and do not have proper budgeting for their gambling activities often lose more of their money and disburse their finances, leading to debts and bankruptcy.

You need dedication in sports betting.

Betting on sports, even on online platforms, need dedication. Gamblers have to examine the matches, and the teams and individual players before making a bet. Additionally, they have to research the sports they are betting on, take calculated risks, and stick to a smart betting strategy.

It is highly recommended for bettors to watch the game and pay attention to every single detail to make an informed bet. Paying attention to the match allows punters to focus on what is happening in the event and base their decision on it rather than follow their gut instinct or chase the steam, which means betting on odds with higher betting lines.


Even with the drawbacks of online sports betting, many gamblers still place wagers on sports because of the entertainment value and the opportunity to make money while watching sporting events. As long as bettors know how to make informed bets, have proper bankroll management, and choose a trustworthy online sports betting site, they will be able to reap the benefits sports betting provides.

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