People Who Left the Gambling Industry Puzzled -

People Who Left the Gambling Industry Puzzled

Online sports gambling is a venture reserved only for the strong-hearted individual who is willing to take risks and losses. This statement does not mean that you cannot bet for fun. Of course, you can! However, if you want to gamble for money, you have to have intense focus and research in placing wagers. 

If you think it takes guts to bet on an online casino, imagine what it takes to do criminal acts on traditional brick-and-mortar ones. Despite the number of security cameras and personnel, some people managed to con their way to the betting industry. Of course, there were repercussions because of their acts. 

Most of these criminals did jail time because of their crimes. If you want to know who these people are, here are some of them. 

Bill Brennan and the Stardust Heist 

In September 1992, Bill Brennan, a Stardust Casino cashier, managed to steal $500,000 worth of cash and walked out of the casino on a lunch break without being traced. Almost 30 years later, no trace of Brennan nor the money has been found. Brennan made his disappearance so clean that it looked like he vanished. 

Richard “Mr. Casino” Taylor 

Taylor earned his nickname set up an elaborate network of players and dealers that would allow small rule breaches to occur seemingly unnoticed. All it took was time for these breaches to add up and reach $700,000 worth of losses from just two casinos. Despite this scheme, Taylor was caught and sentenced to several decades in prison. 

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Elizabeth Williams, the Trash-Bag Cashier 

Much like Bill Brennan, Elizabeth Williams is another example of a humble, bog-standard casino employee. The difference between Williams and Brennan is Williams was caught directly in the act. She emptied $50,000 from gambling machines into black trash-bags now in front of the casino’s security cameras and was eventually caught. 

“Vegas Dave” Oancea

If you are a professional sports bettor, there is no way that you do not know Vegas Dave. Prosecutors had accused Oancea of using other people’s social security numbers to conceal winnings totaling over $1.2 million from the federal government. In April 2017, Once was acquitted on 19 felony charges but was banned from Nevada sportsbooks. 


John Kane

According to Wired, Kane inadvertently discovered a glitch in the Game King line of video poker machines that allowed players to replay hands with different base wagers. He could replay the hand with a maximum chance of $10, earning him a $10,000 or more payout. The best part is that this trick was legal at that time. 

Richard Marcus 

After a move to Las Vegas left Richard Marcus homeless, he found a job as a blackjack and baccarat dealer. One of his most successful scams was “past posting,” or late betting, in which he’d wager low amounts, wait to see if he’d won, and then discreetly swap out low-denomination chips for higher-value ones to earn huge payouts. 

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