The Best Sports Betting Strategies -
The Best Sports Betting Strategies

The Best Sports Betting Strategies

Singaporeans love sports and gambling, and betting on sports is extensively prevalent in the country. Many people are taking advantage of the legality of gambling in Singapore by betting on the games they like to watch. They bet on sporting events to make money, add excitement to watching the game, or compete with their families and friends.

Even when people want to experience the entertainment betting offers or wish to gain profit, sports bettors need to have the right strategies to win in various sporting events. Having the best sporting strategies will help gamblers succeed in their betting careers, make money, and achieve the betting experience they were aiming for.

When gamblers bet on sports, they need to do their research on the sport they are betting on, stay conscious of their bankroll, take calculated risks, and stick to a smart betting strategy. It is ideal for bettors to do these tactics rather than use their gut instinct when placing wagers on sports.  

Here are six smart and profitable sports betting strategies that will help bettors become successful in their betting careers:

The Best Sports Betting Strategies Infographic

Stick to one sport

Although bettors can wager on various sports, it is better for them to select only one sport to bet on. It will help them devote their time and energy to understand the sport well and, in turn, help them learn how to profit when betting on the sport. Sticking to one sport will allow bettors to have a more disciplined approach to betting.

Focus on one team

Because of the abundance of betting lines across multiple sports, many bettors sporadically make various bets on different teams, thinking that it will lead them to a higher chance of gaining a more significant profit. However, this betting behavior does not give bettors the opportunity to learn how to make an informed bet.

It is highly recommended that bettors focus not only on one sport when betting but also on one team. Sticking to one team throughout the season will help bettors gain comprehensive knowledge of the team and reduce the time spent researching each of their matches.

Fading the public

Most of the time, the public places their wages on the side with the more remarkable odd. One of the reasons odds change dramatically on some sites is that serious punters, such as betting syndicates of professional gamblers, are wagering on one side. These bettors have big bankrolls; hence, their bets often represent a massive sum of cash. Due to this, their bets make the sportsbooks change their odds.

Many bettors chase the steam because they think that these professional gamblers have an idea of the outcome. Although this strategy is valid and has been proven to work, it is still better to research and make an informed bet.

When there is a significant movement in the odds on several sites, bettors have to look for other sites that have not changed their odds yet. It will help them make an educated bet by checking the odds before the sharp change.

Moreover, many bettors often use the strategy of going against the public or fading the public. This is because the public often looks for hyped events and athletes when betting. Punters need to consider their research on their chosen team before betting instead of getting swayed by the changes in the sports odds in sportsbooks.

Bankroll management

Bankroll management is one of the best betting strategies used by most gamblers. It helps them stay disciplined with their betting behaviors; thus, sticking to their gambling budget and following a staking plan. Bettors who set a gambling budget and a bankroll management plan will avoid experiencing the circumstance of losing money, or worse, face debts or bankruptcy.

Through a bankroll management plan, punters will be able to maximize their betting budget as they will be following a staking plan. It is recommended for bettors to bet only 1 to 2 percent of their bankroll, limiting them from risking or investing too much money on a betting event, which either provides them success or failure.

Many bettors use the Kelly Criterion for their bankroll management strategies. It is a formula that allows punters to calculate how much they can bet according to their value estimation. The formula needs to be applied every time they place a wager. The Kelly Criteria for sports betting is:

f = b / (bp – q)

F is the fraction of the bankroll to bet, B is the decimal odds – 1, P is the estimated probability of winning, and Q is the estimated probability of losing (1 – p).   

On the other hand, punters can also use the Pareto Principle for their bankroll management. The 80/20 rule in bankroll management means that 80 percent of the gambling budget should go towards their most profitable betting strategies, types, and markets. In contrast, the other 20 percent should go towards new techniques and betting types.

Keep your emotions in check and never bet with your heart

When bettors are making an informed bet, they have to make rational decisions and consider the flow of the game rather than follow the dopamine rush that drives most punters to place wagers on the betting side with the higher odds. It also means that bettors must not make emotional decisions when it comes to sports betting, as betting on sports requires research and analysis.

Choose a good sports betting site to use

Technological innovations have provided advancements in web design and development, allowing many people and businesses to move into the digital space. Many people are now betting online because of the accessibility and convenience it provides them. Due to this, online casinos and other gambling sites have become abundant on the internet.

Although gamblers can easily select a site to bet on, they should still shop for various sportsbooks as they are not all of the same standards. There are several sites that offer sports betting in Kenya and Singapore. Choosing a sports betting site that is trustworthy, reliable, and has an exemplary user interface will give bettors a much better sports betting experience.

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