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Sports Betting Fundamentals a Beginner Should Learn

Sports betting is a popular past time. Sports betting enthusiasts around the world enjoy this hobby not only for the fun and thrill but also because there’s a chance to win money. It can be an overwhelming challenge, but extremely rewarding when done right.  

Successful sports betting takes a lot of hard work and knowledge, but it’s also crucial to get the basics right to ensure you get more success in the long run. Here are some rules to discussed that will help you in avoiding common mistakes and get the best results.

Do Your Homework

Any new endeavour can be overwhelming initially, but anyone can find that sports betting isn’t that complicated once they’ve tried it. In fact, some might even find it enjoyable to just jump straight into it. But while it’s not necessary to learn everything about sports betting, it’s crucial to at least know the basics before jumping in.

As with most situations, learning the basics of sports gambling can help you make better betting decisions. Sports betting can stop being fun and become frustrating once you start losing more than you expected. This is the time when gambling starts to pose damaging consequences to the lives of the bettors.

Here is some basic sports betting information that will give you a solid foundation to work from. Take the time to do some more research about the following to be more prepared.

How to Start Betting

Placing wagers with a bookmaker is obviously the most essential part of sports betting. Choosing how and where to place your bet is now a simple process with plenty of operators serving the legal markets.

You can do it over the telephone or use the internet to make your selection and choose how much to stake. Some parts of the world even have bookmaking shops where you can bet in cash, and many casinos have sportsbooks where you can do the same.

Mechanics of Sports Betting

Many tend to shy away from sports betting because they think it is too confusing and take too long to learn. However, this activity is actually quite simple. You simply try to guess a specific outcome in a sports event. If you’re right, you win, and you lose if you’re wrong.

In a nutshell, all sports bets are made up of the same three components: selection, stake, and odds. The selection portion is as simple as choosing what to bet on or what specific outcome you’d like. The stakes refer to the amount you want to bet, while odds are used to determine whether a wager is worth making.

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Understanding the Odds

A solid understanding of how to read odds is a crucial step to becoming a successful sports bettor. This will help you determine the amount of money to wager and figure out which bets offer the most value.

Unfortunately, this is an area that can confuse new bettors. Essentially, odds are the likelihood of any particular outcome occurring, which impacts the amount you win. If something is more likely to happen, the less you will be paid if you win since it’s already expected to happen. However, if you win with fewer odds in your favour, you’ll get more payment.

Understand the Types of Bets

As you explore with sports betting, you’ll discover that there are many more ways you can bet on sports than just merely picking winners and losers. The sports betting menu is crowded with choices that require its own set of knowledge. Some can be straightforward and easy to understand, while others may be more advanced for new bettors.

Here’s a look at some of the common forms of bets you can place at sportsbooks.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are the most common wager placed in the United States, especially in sports such as football and basketball. A betting line called point spread is set, where oddsmakers will designate a margin of points to even the odds between two sides in the sporting event.

The winning wagers are determined by the point or goal difference between the two teams’ actual scores. You win if your bet covers the spread. In this situation, ties are known as push, and money is neither lost nor won.

Total Line Bets  

A benchmark number is set for both teams’ combined final score before the event in this type of sports bet. You either bet on the actual score staying under or going over that number. You can often bet on a total line by each half of the game regarding football and basketball.

Moneyline Bets

Out of all types of bets, a moneyline bet is perhaps one of the most straightforward ones. Moneyline does not require any point spread as you’re only picking the winner of the game. If you choose the winning side, you’ll receive the amount due. The risk lies in the amount you have to wager to on your selection.

You can bet on either the favourite team or the underdogs. The favourite team or player is the team that’s expected to win. They’re designated with negative odds, which is listed with a minus sign. In contrast, the underdogs or those expected to lose are listed with positive odds represented by a plus sign.

These signs signify the returns. Betting on the underdogs means you’ll get a bigger reward if they win. However, it’s considered riskier as they’re less likely to win. Conversely, betting on the favourites is less risky, but it comes with less reward.

Parlay Bets

A parlay is a wager that groups two or more picks into a single bet. Bettors can either directly tell the ticket writer the teams, totals they would bet on, and the amount they’d like to risk on that bet. They can also fill out a parlay card and place the bet on the sportsbook desk.

The allure of these bets has always been a more massive payout than choosing a single team to win, but this high-risk bet is not suitable for the faint of heart. While parlays offer a high reward, all the wagers on your ticket must be correct to win. The whole parlay can lose if one loses. If you make the wrong move, you can lose a massive amount of your savings.

Teaser Bets

A teaser bet is one of the different variations of a parlay. Similar to a traditional parlay, a teaser bet involves grouping wagers on multiple events into a single bet. Each event selected for a teaser needs to win for the player to win the bet.

The only difference between the two is that the bettor may move each point spread to their favour. Additionally, moneylines are also not allowed with a teaser. However, they are still hard to hit, and your overall payout is reduced quite a bit using the adjusted betting lines.

Head-to-Head Bets

Head-to-head bets are an ideal starting point for anyone beginning their sports betting journey because of its simplicity.  It’s a wager that pits two teams or individuals against each other, betting the victory or defeat of either one.

Another form of head to head bets is wagering whether a player scores more goals than the other. These are common in professional golf or NASCAR matchups. The golfer or driver doesn’t need to win outright but just finish better than the person they match up with.

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Have a Realistic Approach

Sports betting has a learning curve that takes a considerable amount of time and experience to get to the top. However, some bettors can pick up winning strategies much faster than most people and end up daydreaming about making a living out of sports betting. Some would even start planning to leave their regular jobs that give them stable incomes.

While there are professional bettors who do earn a living from betting, but they are very few in numbers. Therefore, you must have the right expectations from sports betting from the very beginning by keeping your expectations realistic from the betting adventures.

Don’t Rush

Bettors should never rush to dive into everything in a single gulp, especially when you’re a beginner. Since you’re still learning, there’s an excellent chance that you’re going to lose. Start slowly by placing smaller bets as it is always better to take your own time and build your basic concepts as you go with the flow of betting.

There will be plenty of time to increase your stakes as your skills improve, so there’s no need to rush it while you’re still learning. Once you’ve built a good foundation about the basics, you can start to focus on the more advanced aspects of sports betting.

Improve your knowledge by talking to people from the same community to learn from each other. You can find these like-minded individuals in forums and message boards. Also, read some betting books frequently and calculate your own odds for a game as an exercise. The more you learn, the more informed your bets will be and the higher your chances will be of making more profitable bets.

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