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Reasons Why Your Bet was Cancelled by Your Sportsbook

Bets on sports, especially in Singapore events have typically been deemed a win or a loss. However, in some circumstances, sportsbooks also cancel bets. For experienced bettors, cancellation of bets is an almost inevitable experience when participating in sports betting events.

Sportsbooks void wagers for several reasons, and knowing and understanding them can help you gain perspective from them. Here are some of the reasons why sportsbooks void bets:

An Event Has Been Postponed/Abandoned/Cancelled

Events often get postponed, cancelled, or abandoned due to changes in venues or game periods, or unforeseen circumstances, such as a sudden thunderstorm, power supply interruption, earthquake, strike, riot, or civil commotion, that prevents the match from continuing according to the program. Sportsbooks usually void bets and refund bettors of their money when a game is put off for over 12 to 24 hours.

The cancelling of bets can help bookies minimize risks related to incorrect markets, as many of the variables used to create betting markets will change due to the game’s postponement. In addition, voiding of bets is also suitable for bettors as they can restructure their strategies to make a more informed bet when the match pushes through.

Your Sportsbook Deemed a Match as Suspicious

Sportsbooks cancel bets when they deem that a match has been rigged. For instance, bookies cancel all bets on a particular game if they gather evidence that a person who placed a wager on a specific outcome of a predetermined event has gained a material advantage illegally. Consequently, they also terminate all bets when malicious individuals have deliberately influenced the match’s outcome.

You rarely see suspicious matches within big American sports, such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Usually, this happens to minor market sports as they are not as regulated rigorously as big sporting leagues. With little to no protocols to follow and less oversight on results, malicious individuals have more opportunities to alter or control the outcome of an event.

Your Sportsbook Offered Incorrect Markets

Incorrect odds are another reason why your sportsbook may have cancelled your bet. Posting of wrong market lines does happen, but it is a rare occurrence. Bookies may mistakenly post lines for a match but were assigned for another game or post odds on a team but were intended for the other.

When these happen, sportsbooks – almost universally – cancel all outstanding bets on the match and refund bettors’ money. Although this may seem unfair, particularly if your bet wins, online bookies generally make it clear on the terms and conditions posted on their websites that they reserve the right to terminate wagers in cases of accidental posting of incorrect odds.

Your Selection Is Not Available During the Match

There will be instances when your selection for horse racing or sports betting will be deemed unavailable during the actual event, which may be due to various reasons. A horse may be pulled out ahead of a race due to injury or inability to achieve good weight for the race. Accordingly, sports players can also be pulled before a match due to injury or other reasons.

Typically, your sportsbook will cancel your bet and refund your money if your horse selection is a non-runner before the race. This is also applicable if you placed a bet on the first goalscorer market, and your winning player selection is benched during the entirety of the match or has sustained an injury before the game.

Your Bet Goes Against the Sportsbook’s Regulations

In some instances, your bet may be terminated by your sportsbook due to a breach of betting terms and conditions. Here are some of the wager types that bookies often void:

Bonus Bets

Your bonus bet can be voided if you wager on a match that does not meet the bonus bet requirements of the sportsbook. For example, you placed a wager on a game with odds of 1.50, and the bookie’s terms and conditions stipulate that bonus bets must be used on matches with odds of 2.00 or greater; in that case, your wager will be cancelled.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are likely to be voided when you place wagers on selections related to the exact match. Your bet on an accumulator market will be cancelled if you choose the same team to win and lose in a specific event.

Parlay Bets

Your sportsbook can cancel your parlay bet if you constructed it incorrectly (and goes against their rules). Most sports betting websites do not allow a parlay bet, including a same-game money line and spread bets.

If, for instance, your parlay gets accepted and caught by the sportsbook at a later time (before the match), your bet will be cancelled. However, If your parlay slips through the eyes of your bookie and win, it will not be recognized as a correct and legitimate bet; instead, your sportsbook will deem it as a regular loss.


Sportsbooks can void sports bets at their discretion. Generally, they provide a disclaimer regarding bet cancellation in their terms and conditions, which you are required to read and understand before proceeding to use the platform for your betting activities.

Sports betting websites have varying policies on bet cancellations; hence, it is critical to understand the rules and regulations of the online sports betting platform you are using. It is worth understanding that voiding of bets is not only beneficial for the sportsbook itself. Instead, it is also advantageous for you as this enables you to refund your supposed wager from a match and place it on another game where you have the assurance that you can place a bet safely and following your bookie’s terms and conditions.

Where can you start betting?

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