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The Difference Between Live and Pre-Match Betting

Initially, bettors can only place their bets before the start of a match. And even now, pre-match betting is still a popular option for many punters.

But, with the advancements in technology, the creation of Singapore betting sites, and the option to bet online through Singapore Pools or foreign sportsbooks, another betting option is provided to bettors – live betting. Also referred to as ‘in-play betting,’ live betting is the sports betting type where bettors can place on a sporting event even after it has started (but, of course, before it has finished).

Accordingly, bettors need to know further how the two sports betting types differ to determine which can be more profitable and exciting for their sports betting journey. Here are the other aspects of how pre-match betting differs from live betting.

Interval of Betting

In pre-match betting, bettors have more time for analysis before placing bets. They can generally have a few hours or even days to look at line movements and pricing as well as gather all information about the match. With more time on their hands, bettors gauge with a greater degree of accuracy the value they think is fair with what is being offered.

On the contrary, in live betting, bettors have to make decisions in a matter of minutes (or even seconds). Bettors must closely follow the sporting event and identify things that are not available in the pre-match, such as players’ injuries, weather conditions, and emotions.


Bookmaker Margin

Margins are the percentage bookmakers charge for each outcome. The difference in margin differs not only for shops, sports, and types of outcomes, but also for live and pre-match betting. Usually, the margin before the match is lower than that in live betting. Bookmakers increase the margin of an outcome leading up to the day of the match.



In pre-match betting, the odds are pre-determined, with the statistics from previous matches taken into consideration and favourites and likelihoods already decided upon. Pre-match odds are affected by the number of bets placed on an outcome. In contrast, Singapore live odds regularly change and update, corresponding to how the sports match is being played out. And due to this, live betting odds may be much lower compared to pre-match odds.


Better Betting Option

Bettors do not have to limit themselves to either pre-match betting or live betting, thinking that one will provide them with greater chances for success. The thing is, pre-match and live betting have their specific advantages and drawbacks.

With pre-match betting, bettors can have more time to formulate an informed betting decision, and the odds they will be wagering on are less likely to fluctuate. However, in this type of sports betting, bettors cannot change anything in their bet when the match begins and throughout the game.

Meanwhile, bettors can have the ability to catch a profitable moment in live betting as the odds change more frequently, depending on the inflow of funds and other factors that affect the match. But the frequent change in betting odds can also be a disadvantage, particularly for beginners, as this will require skill to analyse new information and make quick betting decisions.

Bettors can combine the two betting types for their advantage and cut back on their losses. For instance, they can place a pre-match bet on a team they think will win in a match, then place a live bet to earn extra profit or compensate for their losses in case the team they backed in pre-match betting losses.


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