Top 5 Basketball Tournaments and Leagues to Bet on this 2024 -
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Top 5 Basketball Tournaments and Leagues to Bet on this 2024

Basketball’s accessibility, fast-paced action, and demand around the world are among the aspects contributing to its popularity. Since its introduction in 1891, numerous leagues and tournaments have been established, with many events anticipated worldwide.

The abundance of basketball tournaments and events across the globe captivates not only fans but also many bettors. Many sportsbooks in Singapore often source their betting markets from different basketball events. Hence, the more tournaments available, the greater the number of markets to place a Singapore sport bet on.

Here is the list of popular basketball leagues and tournaments to bet on in 2024:

National Basketball Association (NBA)

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is generally regarded as the premier professional basketball league globally. Its popularity is attributed to several factors, including its global reach, extensive media coverage, and the quality of its teams, players, and coaches.

Structure: The NBA consistently consists of 30 teams that are divided across two conferences: the Eastern and Western Conferences. Each conference has sub-divisions to ensure a balanced and geographically distributed competition throughout the season.

Regular Season: The NBA regular season consists of 82-game fixtures for each team scheduled from October to April. Regular season matches are the foundation upon which the drama and intensity of the NBA Playoffs are built.

Play-in Tournament: This single-elimination mini-tournament introduced in 2021 provides 7th to 10th-seeded teams in each conference an opportunity to fight for a coveted playoff spot. Defeats in this tournament put out a team’s postseason hopes.

Playoffs: The NBA Playoffs are a series of best-of-seven games that determine the champion of the National Basketball Association.


NCAA College Basketball

Often referred to as “March Madness,” the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament is the most prominent division, featuring over 350 teams from colleges and universities across the United States.

Structure: Teams are divided into roughly 32 conferences, each with its own regular-season schedule and postseason tournaments. In addition, teams also have scheduled games outside their conference to bolster their strength of schedule and potentially improve their ranking for postseason play.

Number of Teams: The NCAA tournament field is capped at 68 teams.

Season Duration: Stretchers from late September/October through early April



Europe’s premier professional basketball competition, the EuroLeague, features a unique structure designed to showcase the top basketball clubs across the content.

Number of Teams: 18 teams

Regular Season: Similar to the NBA, the EuroLeague’s regular season runs from October to April. During the season, each team will play all other teams in a double round-robin format—to ensure a balanced and competitive schedule.

Playoffs: The top eight (8) teams from the regular season advance to the playoffs, a series of best-of-five games. This format continues through the quarterfinals and semifinals, and culminates in the championship game—a single-elimination match to determine the EuroLeague champion. This usually starts in late April and extends until the championship game, which is held in late May.


National Basketball League

Although the NBL primarily focuses on Australia, it has garnered international recognition for its athleticism and fast-paced play.

Number of Teams: 9 teams, located across various Australian cities

Preseason: Preseason activities like training camps and exhibition games typically begin in late August or September.

Regular Season: The official season runs from October/November and continues until April. Each team will play all other teams four times for a more extensive schedule. This extended format allows for more regional rivalries and potentially more exciting matchups.

Playoffs: The playoffs usually start in late April and extend into May, with the championship series typically concluding in early June. The top four teams from the official season advance to the playoffs, a series of best-of-three games until the finals.

Championship: The championship series is a best-of-five game format.


FIBA Champions League

The FIBA Champions League, governed by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), is Europe’s second-tier professional basketball competition. It boasts a dynamic structure designed to showcase up-and-coming talent and promote international competition.

Number of Teams: The FIBA Champions League currently features 32 teams from various European countries.

Regular Season: The regular season runs from October to April and follows EuroLeague’s game format – a double round-robin format.

Playoffs: In the playoffs, the top eight teams will play each other in a series of best-of-three games. This stage usually starts in late April and extends until the championship game, which is held in early May.



The competitiveness of these basketball leagues and tournaments and the abundance of games in each season create a multitude of betting markets for the sport. Basketball spectators and bettors alike will have more than enough matches to watch and wager on.

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