Advanced Sic Bo Strategies to Make a Profit -

Advanced Sic Bo Strategies to Make a Profit

Sic Bo continues to be a popular traditional casino game offering – whether in land-based casinos or live casino in Singapore. Its straightforward gameplay and thrilling potential for high payouts are among the reasons why it has survived thousands of years.

However, while luck undoubtedly plays a role in Sic Bo, there are well-refined approaches that seasoned players leverage to maximise their chances of making a profit. These strategies go beyond understanding the basics of playing Sic Bo through online casinos and land-based casinos.

Below are some advanced strategies that can transform Sic Bo from a game of chance to an opportunity to outsmart the odds.

Focus on Specific Bet Selections Per Round

Many gamblers would tell you to diversify your bets to spread your risks. However, not many novice casino players fully understand this strategy. Diversifying bets does not just mean randomly placing wagers on different bet types. This strategy essentially means spreading your bankroll to different bet stakes and focusing on specific bet selections per round. By doing so, you minimise the impact of a loss.

In Sic Bo, choosing a specific bet selection requires consideration of ample factors, including your risk tolerance, odds of each bet type, house edge, and payout.

Small & Big Bets

Small and Big bets, though the most basic types of Sic Bo wagers are the foundation for success in the casino game. These bets offer the lowest house edge (around 2.7%) and the best odds in Sic Bo at 1:1—this means you can get twice your bet’s amount if you win your bet. Overall, Small and Big bets are great if you want to build your bankroll gradually.

Triple Dice Combinations

Sic Bo offers enticing payouts for betting on specific triples (i.e., all 3s, all 4s, or all 5s). While the odds are low (around 1:180), a successful guess can significantly boost your winnings in just one Sic Bo game round. As this is a high-risk, high-reward strategy, use it sparingly and only with a comfortable bankroll.

Double Dice Combinations

You can also opt for double-dice bets for a middle ground—it allows you to incorporate calculated risks into your strategy while aiming for decent returns. The odds are somehow much better than triple-dice bets (around 1:30), and the payouts are still substantial.

Specific Totals

Wagering on specific totals allows you to strike a balance between probability and payout. The payouts vary depending on the total, with less common sums offering higher rewards.


Place Combination Bets Strategically

If you are feeling more confident with your Sic Bo betting activities and want to take riskier yet more profitable strategies, you can try placing two types of Sic Bo bets in one round. Here are some combinations to consider:

Big Bet & Specific Double’s combinationis a safety net for high-roll bets. The logic is that if you do not hit the high total, you might still win with the doubles bet, minimising potential losses.

Pair Specific Totals with a Small or Big Betto cover your bases. This way, if you miss the exact sum, you might still win with the Small/Big bet.

Leverage a Doubles combinationto expand your winning potential. Combining bets on two or three possible doubles increases your chances of winning with a double outcome. However, this combination also raises the overall cost of the bet.


Utilise Betting Systems

As with other casino games, utilising progression betting systems in Sic Bo can help you create a structured approach to managing your bankroll and potentially maximising your wins during a single session. In general, there are two main categories of progression betting systems: positive progression and negative progression.

Positive Progression Systems capitalise on winning streaks. The core idea is to increase your bet size after a win and reduce it when the bet loses. Here are the popular positive progression systems:

Paroli System

1-3-2-6 System

Reverse Labouchere System

Contra D’Alembert Betting System

On the other hand, Negative Progression Systems aims to recoup your losses quickly. The general idea is to increase your bet size after a loss in hopes of eventually recovering your losses with a substantial win. Negative progression systems are riskier than their positive progression counterparts. With this in mind, you must employ these systems with extra caution and ensure your bankroll is substantial enough to use a negative progression system in your Sic Bo betting journey. Below are the popular negative progression systems:

Martingale System

Fibonacci Betting System

D’Alembert Betting System

Labouchere System


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Pay No Attention to the Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s Fallacy is a perceptual bias that leads players to believe past results influence future outcomes in chance-based casino games like Sic Bo. In this game, each roll is independent of the previous ones, and has an equal chance of landing on any combination. So, just because a specific outcome has not appeared in several rounds does not mean it is more likely to occur on the next roll.

For example, if a triple has not shown up in 9 rolls, it does not magically become more probable on the tenth roll. Similarly, a long streak of “Small” totals does not mean a “Big” total is guaranteed next.


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