Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Sic Bo Through Online Casinos -

Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Sic Bo Through Online Casinos

Sic Bo is a game that originated in ancient China and often went by other names, such as Dai Siu, Hi-Lo, Tai Sai, or the Big and Small game. It is a dice game that has survived thousands of years and become a popular casino game offering.

Sic Bo is a regular game offering in an online casino in Malaysia and is popular among gamblers due to its simplicity and wide range of betting options. In essence, the dice will be randomly tumbled into a covered dome, and the players’ objective is to guess the outcome of the dice roll.

But while Sic Bo is considered a simple dice game, it is still essential for you to learn everything about it. This will enable you to fully understand the mechanics and the various betting options and help you increase your chances of winning the game.

How to Play Sic Bo

Here is a guide on how to play Sic Bo:

  1. Place your chips on the part of the Sic Bo gaming board that corresponds to the bet that you want to make. You can place several bets simultaneously.
  2. Once all bets are registered, the dealer or RNG (random number generation) will roll three dice.
  3. If your preferred number combination shows up, you win. You will be paid according to the payout detailed on the Sic Bo table.
  4. Make your next bet and hope that you guess the outcome correctly.


Sic Bo Betting Options

Apart from learning the mechanics of Sic Bo, it would help if you also familiarise yourself with the different betting options offered in the game of Sic Bo:

Small and Big Bets

Small and big bets are the bet options that allow you to predict the total of the three dice in one roll. In small bets, you guess that the sum of the roll will range from 4 to 10, and place your chips on the left uppermost corner of the Sic Bo table. Meanwhile, in big bets, you predict that the outcome will be in the range of 11 and 17, and place your chips on the right uppermost area of the table.

Small and big bets have a 1:1 payout, which means you will get twice your bet’s amount if you win in one Sic Bo game.

Combination Bets

In combination bets, you have to place your coins on the third row of the table. Furthermore, you have to choose a specific dice combination that you think will be displayed after one dice roll. For example, you bet on a dice combination of 1 and 4; if 1-3-4, 6-4-1, 4-2-5, or any combination that features a one and a 4, you win. Combination bets will give you a 6:1 payout when you win.

Single Dice Bet

A single dice bet is a wager you place for a single number you think will appear, one, two, or three times in one roll. You can set your chips on the bottom row of the Sic Bo table, typically labelled with “One” to “Six.”

Payout in a single dice bet will depend on the number of times your preferred number appears. If the number appeared on one of the three dice, you get paid 1:1; if the number appeared on two dice, get paid 2:1; and, if all three dice show up with your selected number, your payout is 3:1.

Double Dice Bet

You predict that two of the three dice will land on the same value after one roll in a double dice bet. For example, a double five-bet will win if the dice roll shows a combination of any number with a pair of 5s.

You can place your coins for double bets on the upper area of the Sic Bo table, in between small and big bets). Furthermore, double dice bets give an 8:1 payout when you win.

Triple Dice Bet

Triple dice bet is divided into two categories: any triple and specific triple. Any triple is the bet that covers any possible triple number combinations. On the other hand, a particular triple is the betting option covering a specific triple number dice combination.

The triple bets section is located in the upper section of the Sic Bo table, in between double dice bet features. Any triple bet is placed in the upper middle area of the table, containing all six dice combinations of triple 1s to triple 6s. Meanwhile, the specific triple bet is the section that contains individual subsections of triple 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s dice combinations.

The payout for triple dice betting depends on the type of triple bet you place. If you win any triple bet, you get paid 31:1. Accordingly, when you win a specific triple, you get a payout of 180:1.

Sic Bo Betting Strategies

Sic Bo is a game of chance; hence, no specific betting strategy will help you win every round. But, there are ways to improve your chances of winning the game and becoming more profitable with it.

Play Demo Games

Playing the demo version of a Sic Bo allows you to further understand the game’s mechanics and familiarize yourself with the various betting options. In addition, demo games will enable you to create your own Sic Bo strategies.

Choose Small or Big Bets Most Often

While small and big bets have lower returns, these betting types offer higher odds. Placing small or big bets can allow you to maximize your chances of winning on each round and extend your bankroll into longer hours of enjoyment.

Do Not Place Multiple Bets

Sic Bo games let players bet on many board areas per one roll. However, this is not recommended, mainly if a beginner bettor. Although some betting options offer higher returns, they are also considered risky bets as your chances of winning them are lower. Consequently, you are more likely to lose your stake money.

Always Remember That Sic Bo is a Game of Luck

As mentioned earlier, Sic Bo is a game of chance, and the outcome of the dice cannot be manipulated, even in RNG. Thus, you should not fall for the gambler’s fallacy, which generally details that if something happens more frequently, it will occur less often later on. For instance, if the dice outcomes are consistently in considerable sums in the previous games, it will roll a lot of small sums later.

Where can you start playing Sic Bo?

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