Sports Betting: Top Betting Markets to Place a Bet in 2022 -

Sports Betting: Top Betting Markets to Place a Bet in 2022

As a sports bettor, the need to know the top betting markets to place a bet will help you in many ways. There are numerous markets available, but you need to be careful as these differ from one another. It has been proven that punters who place their wagers with proper knowledge have an advantage over those who don’t have.

In football, it has many profitable betting markets, thanks to many matches held daily. In 2022, start your year right by placing your bet in the top profitable betting markets.




1 X 2

The 1 X 2 market is the most popular market that you can encounter in the sports betting industry. With its simplicity, many are using this, so it’s safe to place your bet in this market. It is simple enough to give everyone an easier time predicting the outcome of the game. Thus, the reason for punters to celebrate as this will give them a higher chance of winning.

It is about betting on the outcome of a fixture. This only means that you need to guess whether the game finishes as a home win, away win, or draw.


Over/Under 2.5

This typical betting market can also be one of your choices. The over/under market is indeed a fine one as you just must place your bets over or under 2.5 since the average score a match typically ends. Sports betting is about risk and luck, and in this kind of market, a bettor will have to hope either two points or three points at least are made in a match to secure a win.


Double Chance

In 2022, it is good to have more chances of winning than none. If you want this to happen in your betting journey, you may start knowing this double chance works. This market offers more security as this will let any bettor choose two results in one match. The odds here tend to be lower than the other because of the additional security.


Asian Handicap

Some of you may wonder about this betting market. Asian handicap is one of the most recently introduced markets. Bookmakers or bookies tend to pay out higher on this because they have a higher chance of beating the bookmakers.



If you still haven’t experienced placing your wagers in a Singapore sport bet, then you may start now. Knowing some of the betting markets can also enhance your chance of making a profit but of course, other knowledge in the sports betting industry is a must. Even if you’re at home, you can just type in the best online betting site in Singapore on the internet and you will see how you can place your bets digitally.


Where can you start betting? 

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