What is Exacta Betting in Horse Racing? -

What is Exacta Betting in Horse Racing?

Online horse racing betting Singapore continues to be famous among many bettors as it provides lucrative opportunities to win big. There are different types of online betting markets that punters can explore in horse races, such as straight bets and exotic bets. In exotic bets, bettors must pick more than one horse as part of their ticket, which can involve a single race or a period of multiple races.


Exotic bets are the opposite of straight bets like win, place, and show bets, wherein bettors predict the outcome of a racehorse participating in an event. One type of exotic wager that bettors can try is exacta betting, which provides a different way of approaching horse racing betting.


What is an Exacta Bet?

An exacta bet is a wager wherein you get to pick the two horses in a race that would finish in first and second place in the correct order. To win an exacta bet, you need the horses to finish in exactly the positions you have wagered. Any other combination or incorrect order means that you lose the bet.


The popularity of exacta bets is rooted in the large potential payouts it provides. This type of horse race betting works with a wide range of horses, from flat to National Hunt (jumps). Big racebooks and online horse racing betting sites provide exacta betting options on the races they offer.


How to Calculate Exacta Odds and Payouts

Exacta payouts are based on a parimutuel system and betting pool rather than fixed betting odds. A parimutuel system involves a pool of money gathered by a racebook, and players with winning tickets are paid a dividend based on their wager.


Unlike a standard horse racing straight bet where you see the odds, when you place an exacta bet, you will likely know the payout amount once the race is run. You can win big in exacta bets if there are few winning tickets. However, there are also instances wherein you can get low dividends if there are many winners on a bet.

Different Types of Exacta Bets

Straight Exacta Bet

Straight exacta bet is the simplest bet type here. In this bet, you must wager on two horses in a specific placement and they must finish in the correct order to win. If you choose two horses correctly, but the sequence is incorrect, you lose the bet.

Exacta Box Bet

In exacta box bet, you must place two bets covering both combinations of the horses in the racetrack you have chosen. Essentially, this type of exacta bet has your two picks to finish in the first two places, which is a more versatile option for bettors.

Exacta Key Box Bet

Another variation of the traditional exacta bet in an online sportsbook is the key box bet. In this type of exacta bet, you must choose a key horse that will be featured in possible combinations. The bet requires that your key horse to win is fixed, and you can have as many possible combinations of racehorses to come in second place.


The more picks you include in your wager, the more lines you need to wager and the stake increases.

Full Wheel Exacta Bet

A full-wheel exacta bet encompasses the full coverage of all your picks in a horse race. For example, you might choose from four horses in the race to finish first or second place and then include all possible combinations of the result.

Part Wheel Exacta Bet

A part wheel exacta bet involves choosing one or more horses to finish in a fixed position, whether in first or second place. After choosing horses in a fixed position, you need to select other horses to fill in the remaining position. For example, you might pick one horse to finish second place and then have any combination of three different horses to win the race.


Exacta Betting Strategies for Bettors

The key to winning exacta bets involves applying a solid betting strategy to your wagers. Timing is also essential when it comes to exacta bets. In addition, you should know when to use this betting market over other traditional betting markets (i.e., win or place bets).

Create Probabilities

One of the helpful betting strategies for exacta betting is to predict the likelihood by using odds as a base. The odds represent the implied probability of each horse winning in the race.


It is important to use your research to select which horse you think will win the race. After doing this, you need to assign a probability to that horse for your bet, then determine the likelihood for the next horse in the list to finish second place in the racetrack.


Consider Racetrack Conditions

When placing exacta bets, you must consider track conditions as part of your betting strategy. The condition of the racetrack can play a crucial role in the successes and failures that can happen, and it is also considered a general rule that must be applied when betting on other sporting events.

Place Exacta Bets on Races with Fewer Runners

The more runners participating in a race, the higher the number of possible outcomes for filling the first and second places. Theoretically, this lessens the chances of pulling off a winning exacta bet.


If you are interested in exacta betting, look for a race with fewer runners. Smaller fields reduce the potential for exacta bets to lose. Additionally, you can also cover more bases without exacta bets growing out of control.

Make Use of Weighted Bet

Exacta betting allows you to be creative as you can cover wagers with multiple results and still gain profit. Some bettors need to use weighted bets or change the stake to favour more probable results.


Weighting exacta combinations can be a suitable way to maximise your returns on betting long term as you split the stake between two exactas.


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