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5 People Who Got Rich Because of Sports Betting

Many people try their luck in sports betting, hoping that this will make them rich. You need skills in analyzing the sports you want to bet on for you to reap big bucks. In summary, getting rich is all about your judgment rather than being lucky alone.

One more thing is, if you can easily make money in sports betting, everyone will be doing it. However, it isn’t; most serious punters in sports betting take a long time before profit from it. Except, winning in jackpots and not betting again because of the high risk of losing in a bet, in the end, can make you instantly rich. Here are the five people who get rich because of sports betting.

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Tayla Polia


Betting $5 in 15-Leg NFL Parlay made Tayla Polia a total of $105K with the odds of 20 000/1. A parlay is a series of bets you need to win to pay out to those who do not know. It isn’t easy to win a three-win or even two-leg parlays, but Polia made it possible to win 15-Leg; talk about beginners’ luck because, according to her, it is only her second time betting.

Mick Gibbs

One of the biggest football bets happened when Mick Gibbs won £500,000 over a 30p bet. He is a humble roofer from Staffordshire. What amazes the people were the odds in betting on this match was 1.6 million to one. Bookmakers said that his chances of winning are only 0.0000006%.

But a little trivia before going to the third one is that this is not the only time he won in sports betting. Two years before accumulating that sum of money, Gibbs acquired a total of £157,000 after betting £2.50 in an accumulated bet.

Peter Edwards

A future bet is a wager on an event, series, or award that will happen in the future. This is different is betting on a single event because you need more time here to payout. Many bettors enjoy this kind of bet because it is a single wager with a long life.

This exactly happened to Peter Edwards, who won £125,000 after placing a bet on his six-year-old grandson. He bet that his grandson would one day play for Wales, then set a £50 wager. After ten years, his grandson was chosen to represent his country as a professional footballer, making Edwards a considerable payout.

Bill Benter

A college dropout started counting cards in Las Vegas and made enormous money by analyzing the odds in different sports betting areas. He is no other than Bill Benter. After a year, two things happened; he accumulated $80,000 and got banned in Las Vegas. Deciding what to do, he started betting on horse racing. With an over 30-year career, he made more money than he could count.

Deciding to bet for one last time, he bet on a jackpot called Triple Trio in 2001. Winning it only has a million shots, but he did it anyway. Benter and a partner spent more than $200, 000 placing a total of 51 000 bets. In the end, he found out that one of the bets that he placed was precisely correct, winning a grand prize of $16 million.

To the surprise of many, they didn’t cash out the money and deposited their tickets in a safety deposit box, and the rest was history. He now runs a company and decides to avoid the spotlight.

Samuel Abisai

Last May 2017 in Kenya, Samuel Abisai won Ksh 221 million ($2, 042, 166.41) in a 17-leg multi bet. Unlike any other sports bettor who continues their gambling journey, he stopped betting right after accumulating millions. His win has been able to lift him off of poverty and move to Europe.

In contrast with the possibilities of every jackpot winner’s money to run out quickly, Abisai made sure that his money will not go to waste. He started investing in different businesses and eventually managed to set up a fashion house in the Netherlands.


Everyone has their journey in life. No one can predict the future whether you will win or not. If you are serious about sports betting, this is an excellent time to be inspired by these people; they represent small wins, luck with determination, perseverance to wait, and courage to learn the techniques in the betting industry.

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