Everything You Need to Know About English Premier League 2021

Everything You Need to Know About English Premier League 2021

The Premier League is the top tier of England’s football pyramid, with 20 teams battling it out for the honor of being crowned as champions. It is the most-watched League between August and May and involves the teams playing each other home and away across the season with a total of 380 matches.


Origin of English Premier League

The EPL began in 1992, preceded by the First Division of the Football League, founded in 1988. Barclays Club earlier sponsored it, thus the reason for its last official name Barclays Premier League.

The League was formed in response to the decline of sports in the UK during the 1980s. Around the 1990s, things began to change when England successfully reached the semi-finals in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. After lifting the five-year ban on European competitions, the League became popular and is the most-watched sporting league globally. In February of 1992, the FA Premier was formed, and the first game was played in the same year of August.

What is EPL 2021?

The Premier League is the Football League with the most significant number of spectators in the world. The League has seen 49 clubs participate, but only seven clubs have won the title: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, and Liverpool. This year the following teams will compete for the English Premier League Championship.

1. Arsenal
2. Burnley
3. Leeds
4. Manchester United
5. Tottenham
6. Aston Villa
7. Chelsea
8. Leicester
9. Newcastle
10. Watford
11. Brentford
12. Crystal Palace
13. Liverpool
14. Norwich City
15. West Ham
16. Brighton
17. Everton
18. Manchester City
19. Southampton
20. Wolves

The EPL 2021 season is set to begin in August. Last season, Manchester City became the English Premier Season champion, making it their 5th Premier League title.

How do the EPL Playoffs work?

The team that finishes at the top of the League after everybody has played their 38 matches will be the Premier League Champions. There will be no playoff system to determine the winner unless two or more teams finish at the top with the same number of points, goal difference, and goals scored.

Prediction for the 2021/22 Premier League

The season is expected to be a competitive one this year. Many new and young faces are expected to be in the headline this upcoming season.

As for the prediction this coming season, the defending champ, Manchester City, is again a favorite to defend the title.

Chelsea and Liverpool also have an equal chance to occupy the 2nd spot, according to some enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, former Arsenal and England star Paul Merson has named the four teams he believes can win this year. According to him, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea can win the title this season.

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The EPL 2021 Game Schedule on Day 1

All fixtures are set to change depending on the television coverage. However, this is the expected game schedule on day 1 of the Premier League on August 14, 2021.

• Brentford vs. Arsenal
• Man UTD vs. Leeds
• Burnley vs. Brighton
• Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace
• Everton vs. Southampton
• Leicester vs. Wolves
• Watford vs. Aston Villa

What’s New in the 2021/22 EPL Season?

Four new regular referees will officiate the Premier League season. They will be in charge after being promoted to Select Group 1. They are Jarred Gillet, Michael Salisbury, Tony Harrington, and John Brooks.

Premier League Record Winners

If you are new to English Premier League, here is the record of winners with the corresponding titles for the past years.

• Manchester United – 13
• Chelsea – 5
• Manchester City – 5
• Arsenal – 3
• Blackburn Rovers – 1
• Leicester City – 1
• Liverpool – 1

What team in EPL has become undefeated?

In the 2003/04 season, Arsenal won the Premier League title without a single defeat. Their league record stood at 26 wins, 12 draws, 0 losses, making them a champion.

What is the Longest Unbeaten run in EPL’s History?

The Arsenal has the longest unbeaten run in Premier League’s history with 49 wins from May 7, 2003, to October 24, 2004.

Top Matches to Watch in Premier League

As the English Premier League season is set less than a week from now, sports enthusiasts and EPL fans wonder who will dominate this year’s title. With that being said, here is a closer look at the top matches that you should watch this season.

Brentford vs. Arsenal (August 14, 2021)

After being in the Premier League Cup, Brentford is now set to compete against Arsenal. You would not want to miss Bretford’s first game. In a London derby at home which will be held at Bretford’s Stadium.

Manchester United vs. Leeds (August 14, 2021)

These two clubs do not like each other – given their historic rivalry in the field. Not to mention their match will be on the opening day fixture. The last time these two teams met was at Old Trafford, with the emphatic victory of Manchester United over 6-2 score.

Arsenal vs. Chelsea (August 21, 2021)

It is a two successive London derby for Arsenal to kick-start their campaign as they face Chelsea after Brentford, both from the other side of the west.
Their clash will remind the Chelsea fans about their bitter rivals over Arsenal, who triumphed with 3-0 on Boxing Day 2020 and 1-0 on May 12, 2021,

Manchester United vs. Manchester City (November 6, 2021)

One of the most awaited matches would be these two clubs this season.
Manchester United, who came second with a 12-point gap in the 2020/21 table, will need to win this fixture to close the gap on their “noisy neighbors.”


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