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Common Reasons Why Sports Bettors Lose Their Bets

Sports betting online in Singapore is a popular practice that most sports fans participate in to add extra thrill and excitement while enjoying their favorite games and tournaments. It is also an excellent opportunity to acquire quick cash using their knowledge about the sport.

While it can sound easy enough to win some money, the reality is that in every form of betting and gambling, losing wagers are inevitable. Apart from losing as the norm in gambling, there are also common betting mistakes that lead to gamblers experiencing frequent losses. To help you with that, here is a breakdown of the common reasons sports bettors lose their bets.

Failure to Do Proper Research

One of the common reasons for losing bets is the failure to do thorough research. Relying on little knowledge about the sport, match, or teams is not enough in sports betting. Many factors will contribute to how a game will be played. These include the recent match data such as the level of each team and player’s performance, suspension of key players, and injuries. Failure to research the various things that can affect a game means missing the chance to have an informed guess which can lead to losing bets.

No Proper Bankroll Management

A bankroll is a separate pool of money that bettors are ready to lose and use for betting. Another reason gamblers lose bets is the failure to properly manage their bankroll. This usually causes bettors to lose track of their spending, leading to a significant loss of money in the long run. Implementing a reliable bankroll system serves as a limit to how much can be spent per bet, with 5% of the bankroll being the ideal amount for each wager. To avoid losing money and bets, create your bankroll system to control the amount used for bets efficiently.

Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is the process where bettors try to win back their losses by doubling down on their subsequent bets. It might sound ridiculous at first, but believe it or not, this is a common mistake most bettors are guilty of. Chasing losses will almost certainly lead to extensive financial losses and trigger aggressive emotions such as anger and sadness, which clouds a bettor’s proper judgment.

This highlights the importance of minimizing losses using bankroll limits and knowing when to stop. Usually, two or three consecutive losses are when extreme emotions surface. Calling it a day and controlling the cash flow after consecutive losses is the best action to avoid losing bets further.


Same with other forms of gambling, losing bets in sports betting is unavoidable. However, consecutive and persistent losses are different. There are many possible reasons for losing bets, such as failure to do research, having no bankroll system, and chasing losses. Knowing the main reasons may help bettors to adapt and adjust their betting strategies to increase their chances of winning.

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