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Top 5 UEFA European Championship Goals

Football is a game that has started over 3000 years ago. There had been several variations of this game throughout history. In Mesoamerican cultures, the game was created by the Aztecs and called Tchatali. In this version, the ball represents the sun while the rings represent sunrises, sunsets, or equinoxes. This version of the game was extremely violent as it often caused severe injuries and sometimes even death. A human sacrifice where the team captain of the losing team will be offered to the deities was also part of Tchatali.

The game then spread throughout other countries such as China, where it was called Cuju. Later on, it came to Japan with the name Kemari where it was practiced under proper forms. It has also reached ancient Rome and Greece. Later on, in the 12th century, the game was introduced and loved within the country of England. This is where the rules of football, which were further developed and recognized today, were formed.

This game has been around for as long as anyone can remember and has evolved as a sport most people have enjoyed playing and watching now. So with that in mind and the news of UEFA EURO 2020 getting pushed through, let us look back to these top five championship goals.

Frank De Boer Vs. France (2000)

Currently serving as the Netherlands National Team head coach, De Boer has led his teammates back in their game at UEFA Euro 2000. The footballer-turned coach smacked a free-kick from 40 yards which surprised the goalkeeper from the opposing team.

De Boer has spent most of his professional playing career with Ajax, where he won numerous awards. In addition, the athlete is the second most capped outfield player in the Netherlands National Team’s history.

Maniche Vs. Netherlands (2004)

Nuno Ricardo de Oliveira Ribeiro, more commonly known as Maniche, took their team to victory as he scored by unleashing a fiery strike in their competition against the Netherlands in 2004.

At that time, Portugal was leading with a 1-0 score, and they were still pushing for a much more significant advantage. Through the corner of the field, midfielder Luis Figo has kicked the ball towards Maniche. Seeing how their opponents were not yet ready to defend, Maniche sensed this chance and kicked the ball towards the goal. The ball has curled beautifully and passed the hands of the goalie, Edwin van der Sar. Although the Netherlands could still score a point after Maniche’s shot, Portugal still took the lead and became victorious.

Wesley Sneijder Vs. France (2008)

Wesley Sneijder is a retired Dutch footballer named the midfielder of the season and one of the three best midfielders in the world by FIFA in 2010.

Back in 2008, the Netherlands dominated and won over France with a score of 4-1. However, this win was ended and secured with Sneijder taking the ball outside his box before slamming it to the goal past the keeper. Despite being guarded by two opposing players, Sneijder stormed through and earned them the victory.

Mario Balotelli Vs. Republic of Ireland (2012) / Mario Balotelli Vs. Germany (2012)

Mario Balotelli is an Italian professional footballer who is playing for Serie B Club Monza as a striker. Despite having a series of disciplinary problems during the earlier years of his career, Balotelli is a footballer everyone should watch out for.

In 2012, Italy faced their opponent, the Republic of Ireland, and stood victorious with a 1-0 score. Despite facing excellent resistance from his opponent, Irish defender John O’Shea, Balotelli was able to cut through as he scissor kicked the ball towards the goal. This shot has led the team towards their victory.

In the same year, Balotelli has also made an enormous contribution to the win of Italy against Germany. In the 36th minute of the game, he scored a goal. Coming from a long pass from his teammate, Riccardo Montolivo, Balotelli utilized the vast space in front of him as he took the ball and smashed an unstoppable and beautiful shot.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Hungary (2016)

One of the most well-known names on the football field, Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays forward for his team, Serie A Juventus. Although Ronaldo has often been considered one of the best players in the world and regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, this footballer has earned countless recognitions.

Back in 2016, Ronaldo made one of his most prominent goals when they battled out against a draw with Hungary. When Hungary took the lead with 2-1 during the game, Portugal was put into a dangerous and tight situation as they will need to at least tie the score to stay in the game. With Ronaldo trapped into a tight angle, he needs to be creative in pulling off a shot. The footballer then surprised the Hungarian keeper with his backheel goal. This specific shot had brought Portugal back in the game.

Looking back at these unique goals made by incredible players, it is usual to miss watching the action unveil right in front of your eyes. Although it was unfortunate that the UEFA EURO 2020 was postponed due to the widespread coronavirus, there is nothing to worry about anymore as it will finally be pushed through with the finals within this year. With this pleasant news at hand, you can now start placing bets for your favorite teams.

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